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Homeschool In The Garden

planting our garden seeds

planting our garden seeds

One of the things I love about homeschooling is the ability to learn hands-on.  Over the past couple weeks, we turned my garden starts into a full science unit.  We spent a couple days learning about seeds and plants from a textbook and then got to work.  My daughter took a clip board of notes and questions to the local seed store and after spending sometime with the garden specialist there, she decided what to plant.   She figured out what supplies and seeds we needed and we headed home to start our garden.

growing seedlings

growing seedlings

Within 10 days, the seedlings started to grow large enough to separate.  Since we planted various seeds in the same flat, it was very interesting to see the differences in germination and growth rates.  Much more so than from reading it in a book.  We, also, learned that seeds and very young seedlings need to be covered to keep them warm and moist, but the larger seedlings are stronger and don’t have to be pampered as much.  Do they teach that in school?

my favorite - making a terrarium

my favorite - making a terrarium

I love finding information about a subject we are studying from various sources.  One publication we enjoy is the The Old Farmer’s Almanac For Kids.  This year, it has a large section on plants.  It contains an eclectic mix of plants, plant stories and projects.   The project that caught our eye was the terrarium.  My aunt had a terrarium when I was growing up and I thought it was the coolest thing.  I didn’t realize how easy they are to make.   We just picked up a pretty glass vase and some small plants at Wal Mart.  Layered the rocks and soil.  Planted the plants.  Added some water and a lid.  Now, we have a great little ecosystem going, a homeschool lesson learned and a beautiful terrarium on my mantel!  I love homeschooling!

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Marci has a passion for helping people get the busyness and clutter out of their lives so that they can slow down and enjoy what is really important. She is proud mama to an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. Head over to Marci's blog Overcoming Busy to read more about how she cuts the clutter and gets organized! You can, also, find Marci blogging about homeschool science at The Homeschool Scientist.

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  • Rana

    The terrarium is a great idea. We did those with my mom when we were kids. Yeah even though I went to school a lot of my learning happened at home with my mom. I’m so going to do this with my kids.

  • Chele

    I so wish I had it in me to homeschool and possibly that my husband would be willing to let me try :( But I enjoy reading the posts from others on how they are doing it! I heart terrariums!

  • launa

    I LOVE the terrarium project! We may just have to try that one! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Holly H.

    We had our plant lessons last year with our outdoor garden. It was very fun and educational, and I loved going out into the dewy sunshiny mornings for part of our school each day. Watching the plants grow to harvest and having lessons about each stage through harvest was so terrific! I think we\\\’ll make a terrarium next week – Thanks for the idea, Marci! (And Angie.)