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How To Get A Life (List) + Printable

While on a recent road trip, a girlfriend and I started talking about dreams. After I rambled on for awhile, I asked her about her own.  The conversation went something like this:

me: “What do you dream about? What do you want to do, someday?  When the kids leave the house, what are you thinking?”

her: “Tiff, I haven’t thought about myself for 8 years.”

me: “Funny how that coincides with the birth of  your first child”  (smiling)

I might have then turned up the music in the awkward silence.

You see, she was serious.  She is an awesome mama, dedicating her time to her 3 kiddos and husband, helping them make their dreams come true. But somewhere along the way, she stopped dreaming for herself.

Moms, we need to dream. For our kids, for our spouses or partners, for our friends and for ourselves. So set aside some time for yourself, you deserve it, and have a dream (or two).


1.  Write it down

Daydreaming is great, but writing down your life goals is dreaming out loud, in color. So grab a piece of paper or print our Life List in pink or green ombre and get started.

Think about what you’ve already accomplished, what is probable, what is possible and what feels like the impossible. For example, here are a few of my own:

  • Accomplished: run a marathon, skydive
  • Probable: learn how to play the guitar well, read all of C.S. Lewis’ books
  • Possible: sail the Greek Islands, donate a significant amount of money to a project in an impoverished nation
  • Impossible: own a house within 5 years (no mortgage)

After you’re done, take a peek at other life lists from Simple Mom or PetitElefant for more inspiration.


2. Hang it up

The more you see your list, the more motivated you will be to cross off a few goals (even if it’s 5 years down the road). Find a place you will look at it daily like your bathroom mirror, pantry door or in your daily planner.


3.  Share it

If you have a spouse or partner, share your list with them.  It’s great date night conversation and I bet you’ll find a few more to add to your own.  My dreams inspired my husband’s own life list and I found him talking about dreams I’ve never heard of (and we’ve been together for 10 years).

Ask your kids about their own dreams. Maybe your son wants to play professional baseball or your daughter wants to go to Paris when she turns 16.  Add them to your list or start a family life list.

If you’ve followed with me this far, I’m guessing there’s a dreamer in you somewhere. Grab a cup of coffee, print the list and start dreaming BIG.

I’d love to hear about your life goals, share a few of them here or link back to your own life list!

About Tiffany

Tiffany Larson is a wife to one wonderful husband and proud mama of two very busy children. They spend their free time in the outdoors on the snow, water, road or dirt. She is passionate about green living and dragging her family along the journey with her! Tiffany can be found writing at Mommy Goes Green.

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  • Keenzi

    i just teared up a bit–really needed to “hear” this. Thank you!

  • LG

    I have wanted to parachute since 13 years old..I’ll be jumping out the plane in a few days just before my 46th…

  • Robin @ Farewell Stranger

    Love this. I have a life list and have crossed off some things, but I need to revisit it.

  • michelle @ this little light

    I love this and am now feeling very inspired! Let’s see: visit Vienna and Monaco and Capri and learn to tango are some loftier goals … some simple ones: put a garage on this house so I don’t have to brush the snow off my car in January!