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How to Set the Table (pretty, pretty!)

I am not a formal diner. I love casual, cozy meals and the energy that surrounds them. I love a table with handmade elements and special touches that make it feel like home. Thanksgiving is such a special time of year & the Thanksgiving feast lends itself to the most warm and beautiful decor of the year. I thought I’d give you a few last minute ideas in case you remembered the turkey…but forgot about the table. 😉

Burlap is BIG this year. BIG BIG BIG. & the wonderful thing is that it is cheap & readily available. The Pinterest rumor mill even says you can find it at Home Depot. If you read my blog this week, you know I asked you to grab a couple of yards to prepare for this article, so you had supplies on hand. BUT you can use any fabric you have laying around to use a couple of these ideas. Or…you can just sit back, enjoy the eye candy & be thankful someone else is hosting! (’cause let’s be honest…most of us who are cookin’ aren’t the ones reading, right?!)

My table includes lots of natural stuff this year–a fairytale pumpkin as the centerpiece (nice & low so you can chat over it) along with mismatched burlap, gourds, candles & my everyday white crate & barrel dishes, set with some cute little accent plates from World Market (purchased a few years ago).

The napkin rings I usually use for Thanksgiving felt stale, so in keeping with the burlap love, I made some of my own. Here’s how, quick–cheap–easy!

If you’ve never worked with burlap before, just know it is messy. You can easily cut it with a scissors & the charm comes from the fraying. You can do as much or as little as you like. I tend to like things a wee bit messy. Stuffy is not for me & I’m letting go of perfection these days.

These are my everyday candles, tied with a bit of burlap. They are mossy green in real life, and tend to coordinate with EVERY holiday! The candle holders are from the Pottery Barn Outlet (years ago).

For the centerpiece, I took a plain white cake stand (that I used for the ginormous baby shower I threw last spring) and covered it with about a yard or two of burlap, and tied another piece of burlap around the cake stand stem. Now it looks a little more like fall.:)I let the ends of the long piece of burlap flow along the length of the table, but wrapped all other corners under, so it isn’t as wide as it is long.

& my casual place setting! The pumpkin plate becomes the bread plate. & here’s a great tip I use all the time to help me remember what goes where:

Hold up your hands. Keeping the rest of your fingers outstretched, touch each thumb with the pointer finger on the same hand. Your left hand will make the “b” shape and your right hand will make the “d” shape. YOUR bread plate will always be on the “b” side, and YOUR drink will always be on the “d” side. Nifty little trick! 😉

Need a last minute place setting diagram? I’ve got you covered. Hope you have a LOVELY & SPECIAL Thanksgiving filled with all of the friends and family you love and enjoy!


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