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Initial Onesie Tutorial


When someone has a baby, I try to send something that I loved using when I had my babies.  9 times out of 10, I gift Aden + Anais bamboo swaddling blankets.  They are the softest blankets ever created.  But I also like to attach something cute and personal as well.  I make each new baby one of these cute little onesies with their initial on it.

It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, and it is unique and fun.

What you need:

a onesie
Heat ‘n Bond
letter templates

Start by ironing your fabric piece flat.  Follow the Heat ‘n Bond instructions, and iron the adhesive to the back of the fabric.

Trace your letter (the wrong way) onto the adhesive.

Carefully, cut out the letter.

Peel the back off of the fabric.

Iron your onesie flat, and center your letter.

Iron the letter on to the front of the onesie.  Check the instructions, I am not positive how many seconds it needs to be on there for.

And there you have a cute little personalized onesie.

I have made so many of these little onesies, that I keep the supplies together in a bag so I can make one really quick to attach to the baby gift.

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  • Sarah

    How do you keep it from peeling up when washed? That’s the problem I always have…

    • thecreativemama

      You can add some no-fray to the edges, but honestly, I don’t expect them to last long.

    • Sarah

      Woops- I just didn’t read far enough… I guess I just need to buy a different kind of adhesive… Sorry about that!

  • Tessa

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you don’t mind that I pinned this.

  • Abby

    Hi! Great idea…where did you get those letters for the stencil?

    • Anonymous

      I wish that I could give you a better answer. I bought them years ago in a scrapbook store. They are no longer in their original packaging, so I cannot even give you a company. Sorry!

  • Mandy V

    Your tutorial helped me create my own onesies. Thanks! PS-I found you via Pinterest!

  • Stampgram

    What a cute gift idea! I am sure all the moms love it.

  • Mollyrose01

    I was wondering how this Heat-n-bond lasts in the long run? Is it washable? (What’s the difference between the “ultra” and the “lite” kinds? Very cute idea!!

    • Littletutus

      The ultra is washable and doesn’t need to be seen on the lite has to be seen on or it will come off!

      • Littletutus

        Sorry sewn not seen .. Stupid autocorrect!!

  • Bree Grossman Hester

    the edges can fray, you can use some of the anti-fray liquid. I don’t really mind the fray though.

  • Danica

    Too cute!!! My mother-in-law made our boys the cutest little onesies. I love using the baby’s initial!

  • Johannaproudfoot

    Do the edges of the fabric fray after washing, or is there a special type of fabric to buy for this project?

    • Bree

      It can, you can use a little fray liquid, but I usually don’t mind they fray.

  • Bree Grossman Hester

    thank you! The letters are actually letters that I bought at a scrapbooking store. They are meant for pages, but I use them for the templates.

  • Rebecca

    What a great idea! I’m going to make one for my son and try it out.

  • Deb Zorn

    This is cute. My neighbor had a baby girl yesterday. I will make one (or two) for that new bundle of joy. Did you make your stencils or purchase them. I’ve tried making stencils out of cardboard and have been disappointed. I couldn’t get the edges smooth enough. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Anonymous

    fun! I was given those blankets for a shower gift and LOVE them too!

  • Christineblaylock

    Wow you are super organized! In wish I was more so, I always have to dig around through all my supplies to get to this done so it becomes a much longer project. Maybe someday. Cute.

  • Shannon

    Precious! I’ll be using this idea this weekend! :)

  • ChelseaLee Photography

    Such a great idea! I love this!