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There was a time when I would stroll the aisles of Hobby Lobby dreaming up our next craft. We’d leisurely make our way from the paint to the glitter to the ribbon departments and dream up something grand. But then……..

Baby # 2 arrived. & he didn’t sleep much. And his big sister was getting bored and missing our craft time together. Enter: Kiwi Crate. Everything I needed for not one, but TWO fun & educational crafts shipped right to my door. Sign me up for THAT! Our first crate arrived and I have not looked back. This little box gave this sleep deprived mama two afternoons of hands-on joy that had been missing since the second babe joined the family. Hoooorrrray! My three year old was completely into it for well over an hour per craft and that…well, THAT is priceless! Take a look!

This Kiwi Crate was bug themed…so fun!

Everything you could possibly need is in the box, with some to spare.

Just a little info for parents:

The booklet that comes in the box has detailed (and mighty cute) instructions, along with a bunch of fun educational prompts & factoids to discuss while your little one is busy at work.

Every step seems to be full of fun. Cutting the extra sponge into your favorite shape, growing it, using it…it’s really a craft within a craft.

This box came with primary colors, so of course the painter in me did a little lesson on color mixing secondary colors!

& there you have it! Masterpiece one of three–there was an additional poster with flowers and one completely blank, saved for playing another day!

The generous folks at Kiwi Crate are offering a 25% discount on your first crate from now through Saturday, September 29th using the special code: CREATIVE MAMA25. That means you get the first one for $15–and let me assure you…whether you’re sleep deprived (like me), looking for great projects for your homeschool curriculum or just need a little help in the creativity department, it’s worth every full-price penny!:)

If you’d like to see the other craft that was in this bug kit, you can find it over on my blog, it was “my firefly.”

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Despite days full of washing diapers & messy fun, Shawna is determined to make mommyhood a stylish adventure. Married to the military & mother to one feisty girl and a snuggly little dude, she is a passionate DIYer & loves sharing how to make the complicated simple. Shawna talks creativity, style, food, decorating, green-chic living & mommyhood at styleberryBLOG, a daily-ish dose of something fab.

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  • julie

    Hi! I’ve been a long time fan, and just wanted to let you know I was really excited about finally getting a chance to afford this for all of my children to get some craft-time OFF the computer! Unfortunately, the code you provided is only $5 off, not 25% – is there a way you can fix it or let them know to fix it?