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Making Our Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas brings out the crafty in all of us. From kids ornaments made out of beads or dough to jazzed up wreaths for our front doors. This year, I thought the kids and I would do a craft that we could all work on and share with others. Instead of just giving gifts, we could wrap them in paper we decorated ourselves!

It all started with a roll of brown Kraft paper I ran across at out local hardware store while buying birdseed. The 37.5 square feet roll was only $2.49. I thought I could use it for something. A few days later, we were decorating the tree with all gold and ivory. (The kids have their own trees where their colorful ornaments hang.) Those colors inspired me.

I wanted to stamp gold stars on the kraft paper. Packages covered in that would look great under my tree! Problem was, I didn’t have a star stamp. But, I did have a star shaped cookie cutter and a potato.

The potato stamp worked great with regular acrylic craft paint. (69 cents) The kids each grabbed a potato and a plate of gold paint and started stamping. This is how our wrapping paper turned out.

For gift tags this year, we cut up last year’s Christmas cards that I had saved and used them on some packages. On others, we just wrote right on the kraft paper with a gold marker.

Here is our final product.

Lovely isn’t it? (Well, except for the sub par photos! I’m like the red-headed step-child of  the TCM team. My cheap little point and shoot and I are just giving our readers hope!)

What creative gift wrapping ideas do you have?

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Marci has a passion for helping people get the busyness and clutter out of their lives so that they can slow down and enjoy what is really important. She is proud mama to an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. Head over to Marci's blog Overcoming Busy to read more about how she cuts the clutter and gets organized! You can, also, find Marci blogging about homeschool science at The Homeschool Scientist.

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  • Kelsey Anderson

    How creative! I am going to do this next year for sure! TFS!

  • abbie

    I just love, love, love how it all coordinates…and your little tactic for the kid’s colorful ornaments. I always appreciate a coordinated tree, and with coordinated gifts to boot, how smart are you mama! I am sure your kids just adored the stamping. I know mine love stamping.

    We wrapped, well, I wrapped our santa gifts in fabric this year with a no-sew method. I am eager to to not waste anything and re-use this “wrapping paper” next year. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Trude

    I did something similar this year too! Got plain kraft wrapping paper from Michaels and have been wrapping gifts with that and decorating them with various Christmas-y stamps in red, green and sparkly white, plus some patterned tape. I’m addressing them right on the paper with metallic pens. Love personalizing it for each person!

  • amy

    Haha…your tree looks like my tree :) …except your kiddos stamp a lot better than mine!

  • super aver joe

    Everything came out great. I also use cards from previous years for tags. Sometimes I use inside out wrapping paper to wrap gifts through the year after buying Christmas paper on sale – I decorate that various ways or write fun messages all over it based on the recipient. Also, I was just thinking that bookmarks from the library and such would make wonderful tags for a reader and also serve a future use – especially if you give a book- write on it at the bottom- dont forget use me as a bookmark or put yarn at the top to make it more obvious. If you get creative who knows, you may have your children finding plain areas of food boxes, crackers, cereal and such and cutting them out in fun shapes for tags- you can make your own pattern from a piece that has graphics you dont want