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My mama is a wise woman. And one of the things she’s always said is, “a good idea is always copied.” It’s not so much an indictment as it is just a statement of fact. And it’s so, so true. A good idea is always copied.

So rather than get bent out of shape about all the times someone else’s “idea” has seemed a little too similar to mine, I often find myself shrugging it off and accepting it as a compliment. After all, a good idea is always copied.

And more often than not, I’m the one doing the copying. In fact, some of my best ideas aren’t mine at all! Although I do try my very hardest to always give credit where credit is due. So I must start this blog post by saying that this brilliant, fun, and kid-friendly idea comes straight from my friend Janelle, who is truly a “creative mama” (and endlessly funny, smart and generous to boot).

A couple of months ago Janelle and her two young boys came for a visit. Our kiddos have been long distance friends since birth and they played their hearts out together for three straight days. When it came time to say goodbye my children were devastated. But three days later a package arrived for them that seemed to set their little hearts at ease…

Janelle sat down with her kiddos (3 and 6) and helped them create the most perfect friendship necklaces for my children. Ephraim’s (pictured here) was an Angry Birds theme, and Sarah’s featured a random image assortment of her favorite things (think sushi, the Sound of Music and the like…average 6 year old stuff). It was nothing short of amazing.

Of course I immediately had to ask Janelle how in the world they made these gems.

And since a good idea is always copied, I thought you’d like to know too. So here’s a step by step guide to a perfect summer project that will keep your kiddos busy for hours. Or at least 2o minutes.

– Print and cut out a variety of images from the internet OR use sticker books, magazines, etc.

– Lay a sheet of contact paper sticky side up on your table. Position the images onto the contact paper and seal the top with another sheet. (This is a step even the smallest of children can do).

– Smooth the contact paper to remove bubbles and then cut out the images, leaving a small edge to keep each piece properly sealed.

– Punch holes in each contact paper piece and string with colorful beads, letter beads, and any other decoration you’d like to add.


Thanks for letting us copy your good awesome idea, Janelle!


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Erin has been a mama for six years, a blogger for five, and professional photographer for four. She hopes to be all of those things for at least another 50. She’s passionate about her family, her friends, bright colors and shooting jpeg (what?!). Erin is also the creative force behind the highly acclaimed Clean Color video editing tutorial. Those are the things that feed her soul but Erin says writing about them feels like the dessert. Erin makes her home and runs her business in Huntsville, Alabama.

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