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My little corner of the world.


Do you have one?

A teeny space you can call your own? We recently went from a 4 (you could even venture to say 5) bedroom house, with plenty of room – to an itty bitty 2 bedroom place with, uh, not so much room.

I had to make it work, there needed to be (and I mean absolutely needed to be) a space I could make mine. So I  decided to “take over” the little corner behind the couch. as you can see it looks out the big, dreamy window and much of my spare time is spent sitting just there (or ahem, here).

I truly feel, that as women, caregivers, friends – we thrive on (and really do need) the tiny bits of time throughout our days or weeks that we can claim as our own. Whether it be in a corner behind your couch, or simply locking yourself in your bathroom with a good book when the husband gets home.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a room to call your own (sigh, I once did), but if you are in my boat and have created (or intend to) a space of your own… there are some fabulous and cheap ways to make it yours.


What did i do?

Oh i’m glad you asked ; )

  • Furniture This adorable table came from one of my fave thrift stores here in town. $15 later and I came home with one of my new cherished pieces. I loooooved that it came to me already distressed and in such a neutral color. As you can see I’ve yet to finish the handles, but that will come in time. It is just the perfect size for my laptop and blends in with my shabby chic home just fine.
  • Lighting Got this cute little thing from a friend’s yard sale a few years ago for $3. It ads just the right amount of light in the evenings.
  • Greenery Okay this one I’m proud of. I’ll admit it, I’m a plant killer. I have had such high hopes of keeping a beautiful and bountiful garden, yet year after year I fail. Well, look up and meet Olivia (yes I named her). She is now an old woman at the age of 3. Yes, I said 3. I’ve yet to kill her and that in itself brings me joy!
  • Decor So Olivia needed a pretty place to live (once I realized she would be sticking around). I headed out to TJ Maxx and found this gorgeous tin bucket. At just $6.99 it quite literally jumped into my cart.
  • Scent you can’t see it (because it’s behind the laptop) but my delectable coconut candle brings me to summer whether it is December or July. It is just enough to mask the smell of a dirty diaper, or the dog fresh out of a bath.
  • Storage This is something I’m most proud of. I can’t take credit for it however, I was inspired by The Nester and her easy peasy cover-ugly-space-idea. I got a tension rod at Kmart and used an old curtain I had in the cabinet. As you can see it hides my many boxes, that organize just about everything else.


Do you have a corner of the world to call your own? What are some tips you can share on making it work on a tight budget? I’d love to hear!

About Bree

Bree is the founder and writer of, a recipe site that shares her love of cooking, baking, and entertaining with others. launched in February of 2010 as a way to merge Bree’s love of photography with her love of food, and share both with friends and family. Currently, Bree lives in the suburbs of Washington DC with her husband and 3 children.

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  • stacey woods

    completely and totally impressed, my dear.

  • Kim Jones

    Love this post. I am going to be downsizing seriously soon so this post really hits home for me. Thanks for inspiration.

  • melissa @ the inspired room

    Great post, totally we were on the same wavelength. And I love that yours is not a whole room. I had a room to myself in my old house and now, um, I don’t! I have a desk in my bedroom so I guess that will become ‘my space’….

    Oh, and I love that you have a creative concealment (that is what I call curtains and boxes and things to hide stuff). I love hiding the uglies.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

    Happy day!

  • angie

    oh heather you have space! we just need to make part of it “yours”! :) hugs!

  • heather

    I need my space! Can you come over and help me find one? : )

  • angie

    Oh, Diana, please do share – can’t wait to read! :)

  • Diana

    I love this and am on a mission to find a corner just for me! Thanks for all your tips and ideas! I’ll be sure to post when mine is complete! :)

  • angie

    why yes! every plant deserves a name! :)

  • Theadora

    love the plant name- my “tiny” plants have lasted almost 2 years now and I am so proud too…hmm? I need to give them some names too…sounds fun!!!

  • angie

    becky, hehe. your olivia is MUCH cuter than mine 😉

  • Becky

    i must say i am quite partial to your plants name!

  • angie

    hahaha, yes i did :)

  • jessica

    i loved that you named your plant…so cute.