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Organizing Piles of Paper | DIY

Happy Birthday to The Creative Mama and thanks to Angie (the ultimate Creative Mama) for organizing such a fabulous giveaway week! : )

Welcome to Monday, Lovelies! I thought I’d share with you today a project I just recently did at my home. My ultimate goal in our home is to give everything a place and keep things simple. I have found that when that happens there is loads more room for just living life. (Who wants to spend time sorting through everything to get to the one thing you’re after OR spending precious free time looking for that one thing that’s gone missing?!)

But, I’ve had a problem figuring out how to do this with our stuff that is always piling up to the left of our sink. You know the type of stuff you need to be right under your nose or else you’ll forget about it? The grocery lists and bills to be paid. The to-do lists and random “don’t forget” notes. The date reminders and miscellaneous coupons. Yes, all of those things are what keeps my countertop (with which I don’t have much of!) looking like this …


I try my hardest to keep it all neat and organized, in orderly piles, but still it simply drives me crazy. Until now …

I had this stroke of brilliance (these only come about once a year so I knew I had to act on it!) to get mini-clipboards and hang them on the wall to keep everything organized. I didn’t even know at the time if mini-clipboards existed and was thrilled that upon Googling them I not only found that they did, but also stumbled upon this brilliant little blog that showed how to turn boring clipboards into customized ones!

And, that’s exactly what I did. With 3 mini-clipboards (bought at Staples for $1.25 each), 3 pieces of scrapbooking paper and a little mod podge I was able to create an area in our kitchen that works better than our countertop ever could.



How fantastic! I bought the little notepads also at Staples and used the cardboard looking paper wrapping that came with them to make the little tags on my clipboards. Notes. Dates. To Buy. The metal bin I bought at an antique store. It is perfect for storing mail when it’s brought through the door. And, the C was a gift from a friend (it’s just metal with pearl beads wrapped around it).

The calendar I created myself in Photoshop. If you guys would like to do something similar I have included the template here. Simply click, download, print, cut and enjoy!

Cheers to simplifying!

Clipboard Calendar

About Jessica

Jessica is a full-time lifestyle photographer mainly focusing on families and children. In her free time she loves a good memoir, is a sucker for reality TV, loves DIY projects and is addicted to traveling the world. Find her at 503 Photography and browse through her blog to get a peek into the girl behind the lens!

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  • kitchens cheltenham

    It is very important that we manage our things properly specially important documents,payments and bill of our house.We really need to have a place for a secure location in case we need to use it.

  • Gabby

    Cute! I am on a mission to use clipboards as well and Googled ideas to see what others had done. I like your stuff!

  • megan

    Hello from NZ, I love your website :) I just made two of these clipboards-they are so cute! I posted some pics of them on my blog.
    Thanks for a great idea, from Megan

  • oysterblogger

    found you at Marta’s. I suck at paper cuz I hate making decisions about where stuff should go so I store it…but I just threw out two garbage bags of non shred and one to shred. So I am really curious what kind of categories would the clipboards be about ( I saw the calendar but the others)I coudn’t tell from your wall?

  • megan

    This is such a great idea- we tease my sister for being the ‘clipboard, list -making queen so I am going to make her one of these!

  • Lillian

    Just linked over from Living the Swell Life and SO excited about this! Such a fantastic idea!

  • Jessica Cudzilo

    @Jessica. Love what you did with yours and love, love your site! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Jessica

    So clever! Thanks so much for sharing this. I was so inspired that I ran to my craft room to make my very own. My kitchen counters are singing your praises!!

    Here’s my rendition, complete with a little shout out to you:

  • Galit

    So pretty and such a great idea!!
    I just tried to think lately how am I going to make a simple and visible to-do list. This is just perfect!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • amy

    I made clipboards like this and included a calendar that I found on etsy and gave them as teacher and friend gifts for Christmas. They are so easy to make and you can “personalize” them by choosing different papers for different people.

  • sunny


    Such a great idea and prettily executed. How is it? have you found it handy to use?
    I need to try it soon.

  • Whatever DeeDee Wants

    Oh wow! It looks so organized, I love it!

  • Kerry

    I love this idea – thanks! I\’ve used clipboards to display photos, love the mini size.

  • lynn

    Awesome – love that idea! I cannot wait to find a spot! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • stacey woods

    Love, love, love this idea! I have a similar spot that needs revamping. Great tips, Jessica, and thanks for the template too!

  • Vikki O\’Brien

    You sound so much like me–I really like this idea. Maybe my husband won’t be so mad when he realizes our insurance cards have expired–I am so un-organized!!
    I am doing this!!!

  • Hayden Tompkins


  • Luschka

    That’s great! Thanks for sharing!

  • Katie

    What an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • April

    LOVE this idea! Makes organizing fun and pretty!

  • Kelly

    Funny! We JUST made decorative clipboards (modge podge and scrapbook paper) on Friday at MOPS. At the same time, I just bought a Ipod/cell phone storage box (cute white clearanced out at Target). This is my exact project today when the kids go down for their naps to organize that exact place in my kitchen… junk piles, ipod cords, cell phone cords, etc. all piled up on the right of my sink. SO looking forward to organizing it all today!

  • Angie

    Brilliant Jessica! I love, love, love reusing items – can’t wait to do this!

  • Shannon

    This is a brilliant idea — I love it and plan to try something similar in my home!

  • andrea

    I just hung some clipboards for my boys revolving art work and was trying to find a way to make them prettier, thanks for the link, now to find just the right paper!

  • thea

    Great idea! I love it! Everything looks so crisp , clean, and very simplified. Wonderful idea, Jessica!

  • Christy

    Doh! (slapping head) I\’m a scrapbooker and I didn\’t figure this out? You are brilliant! I have a vertical unused space right next to the \"bomb went off\" counter that will be perfect. Thank you!