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Clair Dickson

clair dickson
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Clair’s roots are in Missouri, but “where the Army sends them” is home to her family which includes her soldier husband and their four children ages 5, 9, 12 and 14. She treasures her faith and loves reading, writing, photography and Les Mills Combat. Clair is passionate about mental health awareness and care. A former art teacher, Clair enjoys creating in ways that support her home and family and is preparing to go back to the art room soon. A tree in fall splendor, laughs with a friend, a light mystery, frosty limeades… these are some of her favorite things.  You may email Clair at

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alison at the creative mama Alison Bickel


Alison lives in the heart of the midwest where, along with her husband, they raise their three boys.  Whether it’s in the garden, the kitchen or tagging along on her boys’ latest adventure she looks for the simple beauty in everyday from behind her lens.  The photography bug bit her in sixth grade, upon getting her first camera, a Kodak Disk.  She has been chasing light and subjects ever since.  On her blog, ‘this homemade life’ Alison shares tales of mothering, her passion for vegetarian cooking and obsession with farmer’s markets. You may email Alison at

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Amy Bader


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Amy is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. A photography course in high school sent her to college with a journalism degree in mind, but some surprises along the way led to a career in veterinary medicine. Motherhood has brought things full circle, and now she is concentrating on her photography, finding her creative self and expressing the joys in life.  When she isn’t chasing her boy/girl twins, helping her older son with homework, washing the dog, or cooking a meal — she is probably watching some new tutorial or dreaming of art supplies. It’s a crazy life, but a good one. You may email Amy at

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Courtney Keim


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Courtney is a “self-proclaimed science geek” spending her days as a  Chemistry and Physics teacher and her off time as a photographer + designer.  She spends her days living at the beach with her surfer husband Ken, princess-loving daughter + superhero twins.    With a love of traveling in her blood, she is never without her iPhone and a cup of red-eye black Starbucks in her hand no matter where on Earth she is. You may email her at

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Ginger Unzueta


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Ginger is a natural light, lifestyle photographer living in Central Florida. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. She is a lover and seeker of light and she longs to capture the love and connections of the people she is with. She wants to capture the stories of today to be retold tomorrow. Ginger yearns to capture the beauty of the imperfect and the details of everything around her. She strives to find her way to give back to this world; for she feels she has been blessed in immeasurable ways. She looks for God’s direction in all of this, with hopes to fulfill His purpose for her life. You may email Ginger at

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jessie harrold at the creative mama

Jessie Harrold


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Jessie Harrold is a doula, lactation educator, writer, public health professional and food blogger. Most importantly, she is mama to a quirky, adorable little toddler, and wife to an equally quirky, adorable husband. When she is not pacing the hospital floors with mothers-to-be or hovering over plates of food with her camera, Jessie can be found on long bike rides by the ocean, at early-morning lap swim, or spending quality time on her stand-up paddleboard. A former prairie girl who keeps gravitating back to the Eastern Canadian city that stole her heart, Jessie strives to live the biggest, most adventurous life possible. You may email Jessie at

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Maegan Beishline


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Maegan is a photographer, knitter, and textile artist living with her husband and kids in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The bulk of her days are spent tending her home and homeschooling her three daughters. She is also a lover of nature, a morning runner, an ardent reader, and an advocate of creativity in its many forms. Her artistic work within this world follows many paths and has taken many shapes over the years as she constantly strives to find new ways to weave her interests together. You may email Maegan at

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Samantha Hines


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Samantha lives with her husband, three sons, two dogs, and cat in Newport, RI, and is a high school English teacher (twenty-four years and running). In the last several years, she has had published several articles in Adoptive Families magazine; and her blog, “My Three Sons” was named by Adoptive Families as one of the Top Twenty Adoption Blogs on the internet and has been “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress.  She has published an article in ADDitude magazine and is the author of the column “Different Drummer” on  She is also featured on the site Families in the Loop.   In September 2012, she began her Ph.D. in Humanities at Salve Regina University. You may email Samantha at

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Stephanie Beaty


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A lover of words, family, faith and photography, Stephanie is a blessed mama of two boys (with a baby on the way) and military spouse. After a 10-year career as a professional writer/PR pro she began Lifeography, a modern child + family portrait studio where she focuses on capturing relationships and connections. She is excited to return to her roots, sharing bits and pieces on matters of the heart & friendships with the Creative Mama community. Although her growing family currently resides in Virginia Beach, Va., home is wherever the Navy sends them.

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tracy larsen at the creative mama

Tracy Larsen


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Tracy has never been one to  follow the rules or color inside of the lines. She is a photographer,  wife, mother + the family documentarian. She is currently obsessed with her iPhone, instagram, cooking, crafting, Project Life, Chipotle and NCIS. She spends her days in flip flops down in sunny South Florida with her husband and  their two young boys. In her former life (before becoming addicted to the camera) she was a sports nutritionist for the NBA Dallas Mavericks and the MLB Florida Marlins. Then she found a new dream and followed her passion for photography. These days she shares how she documents her everyday life with her iPhone and her “big” camera on her blog. You may email Tracy at

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