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Painted Mason Jar Vase DIY

I was cruising around our local mall a few weeks back and the second I walked into Anthropologie, I couldn’t stop swooning over all the painted mason jars the store was decorated with. And you know if mason jars can take your gaze off the clothes, they must be pretty fabulous. The crazy part is unlike most of Anthroplogie’s lust worthy decor, these are totally easy and approachable and take all of about 15 minutes to knock out half a dozen. I now have a rather large collection sprouting up all over my house but they add so much punch to a room, I cant help but continue to make them. I have a random bright collection on my fireplace mantel and I also use them to hold office supplies at my desk and flowers by the bed. Since the end of the school year is at our heels, I also thought it would make a great container for a fresh bouquet of pencils for your favorite teacher!

A few tips before you start:

– To thin out your paint, leave it in the warm sun for about 15 minutes. It’ll be perfect and runny in no time!
– Along with your paint, leave your jars in the sun as well! The warmth from the glass helps your paint glide easily.
– Make sure all of your jars are free of sticky goo from labels.
– Keep a cup of warm soapy water nearby with a towel in case of any emergency cleanings. Speaking of, don’t wear your new white Anthropologie pants.  (Insert sad horns here…)
– If you want to use these as a vase, keep in mind the acrylic paint used to make these is water soluble. Simply add a smaller jar or flower vile inside to hold the water and keep from ruining your terrificly unique paint job.

Start by adding drops of paint all around the jar. As I was making my way from jar to jar, I found that 3 different colors gave the best effect. Don’t be afraid to add your paint drops at the top, middle and/or bottom. They certainly don’t need to all start at the same spot!

After, you’ve added all your colors, stand your jars upright and give them an hour or two to dry.

After the few hours are up, grab one of your paint brushes and using the thickened paint that has collected at the bottom, paint in the uncovered spots on your jar in an upward motion. You will have a nice blended tone of all of the colors you chose and it will be a no fail compliment! I dont do this to every one of my jars, I like to leave some of them stripey but I love this painterly look best.



About Shannon

Shannon Harrison is a modern freestyle portrait and wedding photographer living near San Diego, California with her best friend/husband and 3 wild wee ones by her side. When shes not hanging with her clients from JACKANDRUBYstudios, you will find this homebody in the kitchen baking something drizzled with caramel or perusing the aisles of Target. Known to pull out her beloved Nikon at the local grocery store or a family bike ride, Shannon finds inspiration just about anywhere. She encourages photographers and hobbyists alike to focus on personal projects and their families to drive creativity. After all, no one can see your family the way you do.

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