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Rainbow Loom – A Summer Lifesaver

rainbow loomThe people at Rainbow Loom have no idea who I am, but I want to say thank you to them. The Rainbow Loom has kept my children happy and amused for hours this summer. See how peaceful and happy they look in the picture above? It has been raining for days, and I have not heard a peep from them because they have been so happy slapping rubber band bracelets up their little arms.

What is Rainbow Loom you ask? It is a simple loom that the kids (and perhaps I have made a few myself, it is really fun) wrap with little rubber bands, and use a hook to create linked bracelets. They are getting really good at the simple designs, are getting ready to start the more complicated patterns. The kit comes with a loom, lots of rubber bands, clips to hold the bracelets together, and a very detailed instruction book (with lots of pictures to illustrate). Once I showed them how to do it once, they were off and running. I woke up this morning, and they had bracelets up their arms.

I am always looking for fun and easy summer crafts to keep the kids happy and entertained. This is the best $20, I have spent in a long time. In fact, I ordered an additional loom and more bands this morning. Their website has additional videos and patterns to help them.

What is your favorite summertime craft?

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