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Sea Salt Magical Hair Potion

Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray


As I hold onto summer with the force of a fitful toddler, I mourn the fact that I didn’t make it to the ocean this season.  Most summers I find myself at the beach, but this summer has been full of life.  Life sometimes happens in a way that makes vacations a wisp of a dream.  Our family is firmly entrenched in a cross-country move, and the only vacation I’ve dared to dream is when my head hits the pillow at the end of the day.

Summer is so full of surprising little pleasures.  I think that’s part of the plan, the fun, and the beauty of the seasons.  After a spring of blooming and waiting, summer bursts forth with all its indulgent and juicy glory.  Summer is best spent enjoying the small magical moments of the season–the things that are best at the peak of their perfection.  For some reason, being at the beach seems to be the best way to spend those long, sticky-hot days.

The most amazing part of spending the day at the seashore is being on the receiving end of the sun-kissed, salt-tossed waves of hair.  Nothing beats playing hard all day only to come in at dusk, rinse off in a cool shower, and head out to dinner with the best hair you’ve had all year.  Something about the salty sea makes hair so magical–worn in mussed up waves, braided, in a high bun, or however else.  It is nature’s perfect beauty recipe.

Since I’ve been unable to make it to the beach this year, I’ve searched high and low for the best way to recreate this most amazing of summer pleasures.  And, because I’m sure there are others who’ve remained land-locked like myself…I’ve decided to share.

Most Magical Hair Potion


Slightly less than 4 ounces warm water

1 teaspoon sea salt (I prefer to buy Fine Grind Pacific Sea Salt from Penzey’s Spices)

1/2 teaspoon Olive Oil

15 drops Essential Oil (I would recommend lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary, or geranium)

Directions For Making Potion:

Choose a pretty 4 oz. glass spray bottle.  I found this cobalt blue one at a local health food store.  You can find them through a quick google search, or at this website (I’ll try to make these DIYs easy for you!).  Pour in slightly less than 4 ounces warm water, then mix in the sea salt, followed by the olive oil and then your preferred essential oil.  Shake well.

Directions For Using Potion:

Play (or work if you must) outside in the sun until you are just the right amount of tired.  Run inside and take a cool shower.  Throw a towel on your head and pop on your favorite sundress.  Un-twirl your towel and unveil your slightly wet hair.  Turn your head upside down and spritz your Most Magical Hair Potion liberally, starting at the roots.  Scrunch hair slightly and allow to dry naturally (in a convertible if possible!).  When dry, twist bunches of hair with your fingers to create beachy waves or throw your hair into an easy updo of your choice.


I’ve come to accept the fact that this summer is not the summer of beach vacations for me.  Instead, it has been the summer of doing, the summer of tending, the summer of planning, the summer of waiting, the summer of spending, and the summer of saving. It has been the strangest summer of my life.  Ripe with change and unrest.  However, summer–true to it’s form–has remained constant in bringing the small pleasures in life.  The salty summer hair, the ripest red tomatoes, the hundred million lightening bugs, the hot air balloons, the long and lingering evenings.  Here’s to indulging in the waning days of summer, whether you made it to the beach or not.

Hayley Morgan

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has recently moved back to the Hoosier State after a magical stint in Charlotte, NC. She and her handsome husband have three boys who are learning to be good men (in the midst of the wrestling and the dirt!!). Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig and on Twitter.

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About Hayley

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has very recently moved back to the Hoosier State. She and her husband have two preschool aged little boys, 23 months apart. They are mistaken for twins all the time, which she think adds to the charm of having two crazy boys! She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure, and is slowly realizing the two coincide more often than she thinks. Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig.

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  • Hannah

    Beautiful writing. I shall have to try this out- even though I live 15 min. away from the beach, I don’t get there as often as I’d like. I do love what saltwater does for my hair though!

  • Gina

    This is perfect! I am definitely going to try it. We are usually always at the beach, but with a 5 month old it’s been a bit tough this summer. I love the way my hair is after the salt water. I can’t wait to do this!

  • mandiegirl

    What a fun idea! I bought(for way too much $$) something called Surf Spray from Bumble & bumble before & it was so fun, but I def like your idea, especially with the essential oils for scent. Thanks H!

  • Angie

    Mmmm I’m such a lover of coconut oil – I’ll definitely be using it when I try this out this weekend!

  • Hayley

    mrs. magoo– if you wanted it to smell like the beach, you could use coconut oil instead of olive oil!

  • jessica

    love the diy…i will be trying this!

  • mrs.magoo

    Oh how awesome. Thank you! I’m going to have to try this. Years ago I found some type of hairspritz at CVS called “beach” or something like that…it smelled like the beach too and was something every similar to this – loved it but haven’t seein it since

  • Angie

    Yummy! I love your writing Hayley and what a perfect topic for this August morning. Thanks much :)