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shannon sewell


Who or what is your primary focus?  (Weddings, portraits, commercial work, editorial, etc.)

kids portrait & commercial work

Film or digital?
digital for all the real work stuff

How long have you been shooting professionally?
just over 6 yrs

Do you shoot on-location, in-studio, or both?

What drew you to photography initially?
I just wanted to capture my kids-their real expressions.. real emotions.  i wanted to see photographs of them how I saw them.

Who has influenced your work, style and/or approach to photography?
I couldn’t even begin to make a list… I have amazing photographer friends that have not only been the catalyst that started me on this journey, but are my constant source of support, inspiration and creative push. my family has also been my biggest fans and confidence boost thru it all.

Who or what continues to inspire you most, personally and professionally?
my kids. not only wanting to capture all their stages but their inspiring curiosity of the world and imaginative way of seeing things that always keeps my wheels turning.

What do you enjoy most about being a professional photographer?  What do you enjoy least?
I love that I have an avenue to express myself. I love that I get to ‘play’ for my job. there really isn’t much to complain about 😉

How would you describe your photographic style?
imaginative & fun & easy going.

Do you have any formal training or education in photography?
elective classes… my degree is in human development which I think has actually helped me more in kids photography than a photography degree would have. thank goodness for childhood psychology classes! 😉

What camera do you use in your work?  What lens is your most used?  Most fun?
I use both the 5D and the 5DMKII. my go to is my 85 though I do pull out the 35 here & there.

In which mode do you prefer to shoot?
manual. always.

both. I edit jpg for me.. raw for some commercial clients

Any additional equipment or gear that you just can’t live without?
I like things simple. all you will see on me during a shoot are two camera bodies/lenses crisscrossed across my body.  

What program(s) do you use for post-processing?  What is your favorite tip you can share with our readers regarding post-processing?
I use PS/Bridge CS5.  My rule is to make sure you have a good image going into post… then, like i said, simple.:)

Do you prefer color or black and white images?  What determines how you’ll process each image (or which film you’ll use)?
i love both.  I edit most images both ways too.  I do tend to find though that i like the color images for the fun, happy shots and b&w for the serious.

Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut?  How do you overcome this?
YES.  I am very good at keeping note of ideas, inspiration & things I love so i will usually just take time to go through all of that until something strikes my fancy.  I find that getting out there and pretending to create usually ignites real creation:)

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given regarding photography?
i don’t know that it is advice… but the most beneficial thing i have ever done is made comparison against the rules.  as soon as i quit worrying about what everyone else was doing and really just started looking inward and doing what felt right & what i loved, photography became my true outlet & passion.  

Tell us about your most favorite portrait session, most fun commercial assignment or dream wedding.
i got the official ‘i’m with the band’ pass… i went on a short tour/road trip and had the best time dedicating three days to a project and getting to push my creative limits. being the band photographer is just as much fun as it sounds 😉

What is your favorite personal indulgence or treat?
massages.  if you can give a good massage you can be my friend forever:)

Where is your dream getaway?  And… would you take your camera with you, or leave it at home and enjoy the moment?
I can’t pick just one!  I actually love new adventures.  Anywhere I can take my kids and explore.  If it’s new & amazing scenery and my kids are there?  You can bet a photo session will take place 😉

Shannon is available for mentoring on a group or individual basis.  You can find more details here.

You can also find Shannon on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • ajira

    Completely relate to Shannon’s passion for capturing all of her childrens’ stages, and getting images of them as she sees them!

  • Jacqueline Childress

    I love Shannon Sewell! Her images are amazing and so is her heart!

  • Clarissa Wikeepa

    Love what she says about not caring about what other people are doing!