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stacy wasmuth

Blue Candy Photography

Who or what is your primary focus?  (Weddings, portraits, commercial work, editorial, etc.)

While I’ve truly enjoyed the commercial and editorial work I’ve done, my true love is shooting portraits, especially kids and families. 

Film or digital?
How long have you been shooting professionally?
I created Blue Candy Photography in late 2005 and it took off almost immediately. Time has flown since then, so I guess that proves that I’m having fun!
Stacy Wasmuth

Do you shoot on-location, in-studio, or both?
Location! Although I often contemplate studio shooting, I don’t think I could give up the creativity that on-location shooting provides.

What drew you to photography initially?
I loved to pour over and take photographs when I was growing up, but never once considered becoming a professional photographer. Then, like many moms, I started taking and sharing photos of my own children and found that photography came naturally. My business took off from there.

Who or what continues to inspire you most, personally and professionally?
I’m continually inspired by people! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of capturing the adoring gaze of a new parent, the wonder in a baby’s eyes, the soulful look of a tween, or the joyful expressions of a family in love.
blue candy photographyWhat do you enjoy most about being a professional photographer?  What do you enjoy least?
I’m happy as a clam anytime I’m behind the camera. However, as a typical business owner, more of my time is spent behind the computer or calculator than the camera. I have to force myself to do the nitty gritty stuff like office work and accounting and taxes so that I can get back behind the camera again.
How would you describe your photographic style?
Timeless yet modern, classic but quirky.
Stacy Wasmuth
Do you have any formal training or education in photography?
Not a bit! I actually backed out of going to medical school at the last minute, so my education background couldn’t be further from photography! I used to feel insecure about my lack of formal training, but now I consider it a benefit, as I was able to find my own style with little outside influence.

What camera do you use in your work?  What lens is your most used?  Most fun?
I own both a Canon 5d mark ii and a five-year-old Canon 5d classic. I absolutely adore my old 5d and can’t believe that it has lasted so long – it is a workhorse! However, now that I’ve put that out there, my old standby will probably croak within the week, lol!

In which mode do you prefer to shoot?
Absolutely always Manual mode. I’m a bit of a control freak when shooting!
stacy wasmuth

Both! I’ve been a longtime jpeg shooter and only recently started loving RAW. I typically shoot RAW+JPG, then decide later on which I want to use.

Any additional equipment or gear that you just can’t live without?
I adore my elderly (four-year-old) iMac. (Shoot, there’s another thing that will probably bite the dust now that I’m publicly singing its praises!)

What program(s) do you use for post-processing?  What is your favorite tip you can share with our readers regarding post-processing?
I use CS3 to post process. My tip is to get things right in-camera. People would likely be shocked at how little photoshop I do!
blue candy photography indiana
Do you prefer color or black and white images?  What determines how you’ll process each image (or which film you’ll use)?
I ADORE black and white, and often contemplate going that route exclusively. However, I like color too much to jump ship completely, so I usually do a bit of both at each session.

Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut?  How do you overcome this?
Definitely! I fall into ruts most when I’m busiest with clients. One thing that helps is to figure out what makes each client and setting unique, then draw from those qualities in order to make the photographs more personal. It forces me to get creative!
stacy wasmuth photographerWhat has been the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given regarding photography?
To value yourself as a professional artist. Running a business is hard work AND takes me away from my family, so I can’t imagine doing it for peanuts.

Tell us about your most favorite portrait session, most fun commercial assignment or dream wedding.
Professionally, my favorite session is almost always the one I’ve just completed, which is part of the fun of each new assignment!

Personally, the most fun I’ve ever had doing photography was in a remote indigenous village in Panama (our family spent a year overseas in 2010). I worked on a project that used a photography curriculum ( to help kids learn to view life differently. For example, we showed them how they could photograph something normally considered to be ugly and turn it into something of beauty. We challenged them to tell their stories through photography and writing, which was a truly humbling experience.
indianapolis kids photographer stacy wasmuth
What is your favorite personal indulgence or treat?

Where is your dream getaway?  And… would you take your camera with you, or leave it at home and enjoy the moment?
I’m dying to travel to Italy. And how could I possibly NOT take my camera there?!

Do you offer any products or services you’d like to share with our readers?  We want to help promote them for you!
Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids can be found at nearly every book retailer!

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