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[Summer Break] 5 Weeknight Meals that Will Rock Your World

Now that most people are back to school (and if you aren’t, you soon will be), life is getting busy.  With calenders quickly filling up, it is nice to have a few weeknight meals in your back pocket that are healthy and kid-friendly.  Here are 5 of my stand-by meals that might have a longer cooking time, but the actual work that you do is minimal.  Some of these can be prepped the night before and quickly thrown together at the last minute.

1. Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken – Made in the slow cooker, this shredded chicken takes no more than 10 minutes to put together, yet, you can do so many things with the results.  Make a sandwich with it, add it to a salad, put it onto top of a bed of brown rice with some veggies.  You cannot go wrong with this in your repertoire.

2. Honey Garlic Balsamic Chicken – This chicken dish can be made with a side dish in less than 20 minutes.  Boil a pot of water. Saute the chicken.  Add the orzo to the pot. Make the sauce. Toss the orzo with pesto.  Dinner is done.  Sometimes, I will add this chicken to pasta and broccoli, with the balsamic glaze as the pasta sauce.  This is always a hit in my house.

3. Bruschetta Pasta – This pasta is one of my favorite dinners.  I love the colors and textures and flavors.  You make a quick uncooked sauce out of tomatoes, capers, mozzarella, and all sorts of delicious ingredients.  Toss it with some pasta and fresh basil and you have something simple enough for a weeknight dinner, but also something worthy of being served at a dinner party.  You can also skip the pasta and use this on top of some grilled chicken.

4. Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches – This chicken sandwich will change your life.  Having a rotisserie chicken or two in your fridge will almost guarantee that you will have a real dinner instead of something out of a takeout box.  It is a simple as shredding some chicken, toss it with barbecue sauce, and serve it on buttery toasted buns.  So good.

5. Buttermilk Pancakes – When our day is crazy, breakfast for dinner is usually the highlight of our crazy day.  Pancakes for dinner is fun.  And sometimes that is just what you need.  Something comforting, something easy, and something out of the ordinary.  This pancake recipe has never failed me.


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  • Amy C

    The slow cooker chicken is a favorite. I love it on a bed of greens with grapes and candied nuts. No dressing required because of the sauce. So yummy! The Honey Garlic Balsamic chicken is also a yummy staple in our house! Thanks! :)