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[Summer Break] Get Ready For Fall!

fall leaves
This weekend is the unofficial “last weekend of summer” across the country.  As much as I’m sad to see summer go, I need to look ahead to the coming months and start to prepare.  Here a few area around the house I need to get ready for the change in seasons.

Clean Out The Closets

Out with the baseball gloves and tennis rackets and in with the gloves and scarves and boots.  I keep all our gloves, hats and scarves in a milk crate and keep in on a high closet shelf in the summer and simple bring it down as the cold weather approaches.  Now is the time to sort through gloves and make sure they all have mates and still fit.  Make a list of any cold weather gear you might need.

Put Away Outside Toys

Clean out the sand box and back porch. Put away the slip n slides and yard games.  Get rid of broken toys or toys that the kids will out grow by next year. Why store toys you don’t want?

Prune Back Landscaping

During the growing season, out bushes and shrubs can get a bit unruly.  Now is the time to tidy up.  Pull up any dead of dying annuals. Mark any perennials that disappear during the winter, so they won’t get dug up in the spring planting.

Roll Up Garden Hoses

If you are in an area that freezes during the winter months, disconnect the hoses from the outside water spickets or else the pipes might burst! Drain, roll up and put away hoses to protect them from damage.

Put Away The Pool Bag

This one is always the hardest for me. Putting away the sunscreen and the goggles means summer is really over.  It makes me teary eyed.  So sad….. But really, who wants to trip over the pool bag while trying to find your winter gloves?

Put Away Summer Decorating And Bring Out Fall

pardon my less than professional photography

This one does make me feel a little better.  I have an entire bin of fall decorations in my basement.  I drape the fall leaf garland around the bird house in the flower beds.  The seashells and patriotic decor on the mantel get replaced by harvest garland, candle holders and maybe some Indian corn.  Potted mums go on the porch to replace the waning petunias and daisies.

When all of summer is put away, I guess fall is not so bad.  We’ve traded bare feet and swimming pools for apple orchards and bondfires.  Hot, muggy days for crisp, cool mornings. Get prepared for fall now, so you can truly enjoy it!

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