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[Summer Break] Simple and cheap DIY party decor:

Earlier this year we had a little luncheon to celebrate the finalization of our daughter’s adoption. It truly was a simple luncheon with simple food, lots of sweet friends and of course, yummy champagne in order to toast the celebration!

I did just a few things to give our house a party feel that didn’t take too long (although I may have spent more time than necessary perfecting the details. It was, after all, a very important day for us) and most definitely didn’t cost much money.

With Easter approaching and the inevitable hosting that many of us will do I thought I’d share bits and pieces of what I did in case any of you are looking for ideas to liven up your table.

The key ingredients to my decor were some wildflowers from our local Kroger and fabric, some I had on hand, other bits I purchased from our local fabric store. The runner is simply 3 yards of a fabric I spotted and loved. I did nothing to it, but lay it across the table. I didn’t even go as far as to iron it. And, when food got spilled on it I was able to toss it in the wash and then store it away for a future sewing project.

I spent about $20 on various bunches of wildflowers. Due to impending snow storms I bought the flowers a few days earlier and they began to droop by the time the luncheon started. It made no difference to the purpose and value of the day, but if possible, buy the flowers the day of.

I had miscellaneous jars and vases around our house that I simply covered in scraps of fabric, securing with a bit of double sided tape (if unable to tie). There was no rhyme or reason to how I did it and somehow it all just worked. I think that’s the beauty of just collecting a bunch of things you love and making something out of nothing. It always seems to just work.

I filled in extra space on the table with odds and ends we have around our house. This included a little metal nest with three eggs. So fitting!

The water carafe is something I have a few of. I bought them at Ikea at only $3.99 each. They are the best! I simply fill them with water, add a little bit of cucumber, mint, lemon rinds, even a cinnamon stick at Christmas time or whatever else I may have on hand and place them in the refrigerator. Once we’re ready to sit down I set them out and cold water is readily available for anyone who needs a refill.

Glass carafes can be found here at Ikea or here at Sur la Table.

One of my favorite pastimes is wandering around antique stores. So many are filled with non-antiques and instead just bits and pieces that can be found in stores like Anthropologie, Sundance or Pottery Barn, but for much much more. The recycled glass and wire basket were both found at a local antique store. I got all 5 recycled glass vases for $12 and the wire basket for only $7. I lined the basket with a cute towel from Anthropologie (which of course cost as much as the vases and basket put together!) to keep bread warm.

Fine china with everyday silverware? Why sure! I tied the fork and spoon together using a bit of twine.

Lastly, I had a piece of foam board I painted with chalkboard paint. (the images framing the quote are random iPhone pics I had taken of Charley from the moment she was born to the week of her luncheon). Side note: the chalkboard paint made the foam board warp which ended up working out because I was able to set it on the buffet table and not worry about it falling. If I was wanting to hang the sign I would have used some type of thin plywood.

Oh, and the little sign hanging from the lamp …

A little sign I have hanging near my sewing table. It normally reads “love who you are,” but I changed it up a bit for the party. An old frame framing a piece of foam board that has a piece of scrapbook paper modge podged to it. Then, a small piece of cardboard nailed to it. Leftover fabric is nailed to the back in order for it to be hung. A 10-minute project I did one lazy afternoon (pre-baby, of course; lazy afternoons died when she was born, ha!).

And, that’s that! Have any quick and easy party ideas? What about other party ideas you’ve seen elsewhere on the internet? Please link us up! We’d love to see.

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