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everyday beauty: capturing your child’s story

I am passionate about capturing the story of my children.   When my almost 10 year old daughter was much younger,  I took picture after picture of her smiling perfectly at the camera. Most often, she  would be wearing a beautifully smocked dress with her hair fixed in a pretty bow, posed “just right” in […]

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loved it! (10th edition)

image by Alain Loboile The days are  getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and Spring is almost here. Can you feel it too?  Are you smelling the blossoms yet? In Florida the trees are in full bloom and the days have been quite delightful. I know most of the country has had a harsh […]

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a fun start to reading

We began homeschooling our three children in 2011. At the time our oldest daughter was starting 2nd grade, our son was almost 5 and our youngest daughter was almost 2.  Two and a half years later we are loving this flexible way of life for our family.  My oldest daughter was reading and comprehending above […]

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Thoughts on the First Five Years

Today is my son Seth’s birthday—marking five years since I became a mother. Five years seems like such a big milestone—I remember feeling when he was a baby that it was so far off, and yet here we are. Time flew by (everyone tells you it will, when you become a parent, but you don’t […]

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the power of gratitude

The Best of The Creative Mama [Fall Edition] This article written by Tiffany Larson was originally posted on 11-22-11. Photo by MSVG In the past couple months, I found my oldest starting to complain more. “I don’t like this dinner.”  “I never win the game.”  “That place is boring.” So one night after another complaint […]

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School Paperwork

Having three school-age kids (ages 6-14) and being a military family that relocates every two to three years, one of the things I have struggled with is the best way to store their school paperwork and artwork that we wish to keep long term. Each child has their own “time capsule” trunk, where we put […]

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