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Dancing With Light

As a photographer, light is something I am always noticing, always appreciating, always admiring… whether I have my camera in hand or not. I watch how it illuminates, cradles, wraps around, and bathes whatever it touches. As the seasons change, I watch how the light moves and shifts, becoming more and then less and then […]

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Heeding Inspiration

This Wednesday was a bit crazy. My older boy had been stuck at home sick for several days, I had a busy work week, more potential buyers are coming to see our house, and the list goes on. As I was making dinner, I looked up and saw my son playing on the sofa in […]

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everyday beauty: capturing your child’s story

I am passionate about capturing the story of my children.   When my almost 10 year old daughter was much younger,  I took picture after picture of her smiling perfectly at the camera. Most often, she  would be wearing a beautifully smocked dress with her hair fixed in a pretty bow, posed “just right” in […]

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loved it! (10th edition)

image by Alain Loboile The days are  getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and Spring is almost here. Can you feel it too?  Are you smelling the blossoms yet? In Florida the trees are in full bloom and the days have been quite delightful. I know most of the country has had a harsh […]

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Why Photography?

Some days it’s hard for me to pick up a camera.  And other days, I can’t wait to get my finger on the shutter.  I know most of you have been here before at some point in your photography journey, so I feel as if I’m in good company. But no matter if I’m feeling […]

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Seeing the Light

Photo = light Graph = writing Photo + graph = light writing [a literal translation from the greek] Understanding light in photography is so important, powerful and…essential (when going beyond point and shoot photography)! The lighting in a scene can easily (and often will) make or break a photograph. It’s one of the basics in […]

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