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capturing a beautiful summer | part two: the details

Today, I am back to share some more tips for Capturing a Beautiful Summer. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.  The word summer is one that brings many thoughts to mind. What details do you want to remember about your summer? Do you have special summertime traditions that your family looks […]

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When It Rains …

… it pours.  Spring is here in Northeastern United States!  And along with it, about a million activities.  For our family, there is still a week and a half of school left (thank you brutal winter!), and thus comes the end-of-year events — concerts, field day, parties.  For those of us that live a creative life, […]

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Dancing With Light

As a photographer, light is something I am always noticing, always appreciating, always admiring… whether I have my camera in hand or not. I watch how it illuminates, cradles, wraps around, and bathes whatever it touches. As the seasons change, I watch how the light moves and shifts, becoming more and then less and then […]

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