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The Creative Mama presents… The Creative E-Courses

How many of you wish that you could get your camera off the green square and shoot creatively?  Would you like to know more about metering or shooting in manual mode?  Are there settings on your camera that you just do not understand?  Do the technical aspects of photography — and all that terminology — make your eyes glaze over a little bit?  And finally, wouldn’t it be perfect if someone could explain it all to you in layman’s terms?

Well, we totally agree with you.  In fact, we wish that someone would have offered us something like this when we were first learning how to use our cameras!  And so, we here at The Creative Mama are excited to present… our first e-course!

Introduction to Photography: Chapter One is an online course that will last for three weeks, will teach you how to get off the green square and shoot completely in manual mode, and will boost your confidence in capturing photos of your own everyday.  Besides the written course content, you will also be able to watch several videos that show you how to use your camera.  You’ll also get lots of short, fun assignments that give you a chance to test out these settings for yourself.  You’ll even see videos of a photographer (me) shooting and editing from beginning to end, and answering your questions every week.  You’ll have daily prompts delivered right to your inbox, access to a private website just for the class members, and the whole beautiful thing wrapped together in an e-book at the end of the course, so that you can continue to study the content over and over at your own pace.  Best of all, the concepts and principles of photography are explained in easy-to-understand analogies and examples, so that the terminology doesn’t ever overwhelm you.

It’s certainly technical… but it’s creative (of course!).

It’s written instruction… but it’s so very hands-on.

It’s a full explanation of how your settings work with each other… yet it’s all broken down into simple language.

Now that we’ve told you what this e-course IS, let’s chat a little about what it is NOT…

This is not a business course.  We won’t talk about pricing, marketing, sales or profits.  We won’t teach you how to launch your own photography business, whether it be a brick and mortar studio or simply out of your own home.  If you are a professional photographer, then this certainly is not the class for you.  If you’re already quite comfortable shooting in manual mode, then you’re likely too advanced for this beginner’s e-course.

However, if you’re frustrated with shooting in automatic mode, and you really want to be able to use your camera to create the photos of your children that you imagine when you close your eyes… why then, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

This Creative E-Course was made for you.

Registration for Introduction to Photography: Chapter One is priced at just $129 and opens on Monday, April 16.  The e-course will run from May 1 to May 18.  To find out more, go here. To be among the first to register, we’d love to have you sign up for our e-course newsletter below.  We’ll keep you in the loop about the class, and we won’t let you forget when registration opens!  Now honestly, what better way to spend that tax refund?

And yes… this is only Chapter One.  Chapters Two and Three (and maybe Four!) are in the works right now.  Stay tuned for more on those Creative E-Courses in the future!

About Stacey Woods

Stacey Woods is an on-location, natural light lifestyle photographer for the Tampa Bay, FL area. Her favorite subjects are expecting mamas, the tiniest of babies, and children of all ages. She believes that the small moments are really the biggest ones, that photographs are legacies that we leave to our children, and that authentic love is beautiful. Her online photo journal can be found here.

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  • Andrea Pietragallo

    Sadly, I just found this! Please let me know if there is some type of “rolling enrollment” or if you will offer again. Thanks!

    • thecreativemama

      You can still enroll. :) I’ll send you the posts from last week after you register.

  • Kgravatt

    I would like to take this class if you start it again. Thanks

  • Sara Perkins

    Do I need to have photo editing software like PS or Elements?

    • thecreativemama

      You do not, we cover basic editing, but it is not a requirement.

  • Kira Akerstrom

    Hi, I would like to register to the online photo course but it is saying that the course is out of stock? Can I still register?

    Kira from Finland

    • thecreativemama

      Registration opens on Monday! We are thrilled to have you.