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The Game of Life

So, when I learned that this month was all about “A Day in the Life” here at The Creative Mama, I had this idea to chronicle my day in snapshots. In doing so, I realized that my days were pretty boring. I tried to spice it up a bit ;-). [Larger, readable version HERE – you should be able to save and open in PS or zoom in on your browser]. Some notes:

  • Yes. I do eat. Plenty. I forgot to take pictures of that. Probably because my husband makes the meals around here. And thank goodness for that or else we would all starve. No lie.
  • We are currently homeschooling. And by “we,” I mean my husband is doing everything. Bless him.
  • I spend more time at my computer than I care to. Working to remedy that.
  • I spend more time on laundry than I care to. No clue as to how to remedy that aside from renting out clothes to my kids so they won’t go through as many outfits in a day.
  • On days when I don’t have sessions at night, I usually end up staying up late to proof a session. On those days, the “start” and “finish” lines in my gameboard would probably intersect ;-).
  • Evidently, I like the British spelling of the word “thornE.”
  • When I went to post this today, I about fell out of my chair when I saw Stacey’s post. TOO FUNNY!!!!! I *almost* dumped this whole idea because of it, but then I thought how cool it was to see how similar our days were! And how my life used to be when I had an infant.  Made me a bit wistful…even remembering how much sleep was lost.
  • BONUS QUESTION: I’ll send a $5 iTunes gift card to the first person who can tell me who I was listening to while on the treadmill that day. 😉

About Michele

Michele is a former marketing guru turned child and family photographer in Austin, TX. She is surrounded by three energetic kids at home and a husband who works tirelessly to keep them all educated and fed. Much like her life, Michele's work is chameleon-like... always changing with her mood and inspiration. Her mind is constantly abuzz with new concepts, but thankfully, she is regularly reminded by her kids to slow down and enjoy life's simplest moments. Michele is the owner and photographer of Pinkle Toes Photography and she also provides resources and templates for photographers all over the world via Pinkle Toes 4 Photographers.

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  • Nan Wiik

    Please share how you made this. Do you sell a template? Interested in using it for my Christmas Cards this year.

  • Kristin

    Did you make this board in photoshop? This looks great! I would really like to know how you did this!

  • Stacy

    i love this and miss you much xoxo

  • Victoria Abeling

    I was going to say The Wanted. btw, any chance you will sell that format so I can steal it and write my own cute post??? :)

  • Katiefretland

    Very cool! Loved the snuggle bonus spots :) I have a random question: What kind of treadmill do you have & do you love it? We’ve been in the market & I don’t want to get a cheap/bad feeling one, you know? Thanks!

  • Courtney Bolle

    How creative! And happy to see a little bit of me on there :) I was also going to guess Gotye (ring ring!), but since that’s already taken, I will guess Calvin Harris, since it’s one of my faves to run to right now!

  • michelle

    Such a creative way to display your day, Michele! I love it! I also love that I can picture everything in and around your house as you told it….makes it all more real/personal. xo

  • Clare Dempsey

    Enjoyed this! And you were listening to Gotye (love him)!

    • Michele (Pinkle Toes)

      You win, Clare! GC is on its way!!!

  • Bobbi Storseth Capwell

    Sorry meant to type Daniel Powter

  • Bobbi Storseth Capwell

    Bad Day by Daniew Powter?