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The Grocery List – A Download.

Please join me in welcoming Rachel Goerke to TCM today. She is one of our incredible behind-the-scenes ladies and we are so happy to have her share her own creation with us today. Thanks Rachel!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have attempted to change my eating habits in the past couple years.  I wanted to lose the fat, have more energy, and just be healthy but was having the hardest time getting there. This past January I was introduced to a fabulous gym, (thanks Angie) and there learned so much about my unhealthy eating habits from my personal trainer.

Little did I know it would be the start of something new. As I weeded out all the unhealthy foods in my life I began to look for healthy recipes that would fit my new lifestyle. I have fallen in love with The Food Network and many, many recipes from there.

With all of my new favorite recipes, I realized that I needed to be more organized with my shopping and planning. I thought this would be a perfect way to organize my grocery list (and maybe cut down on some of those not needed items.)

Click the image for your own free download!


Care to DIY with me?

The Grocery List was super easy to create using TCM Color Story.  As I was finishing up, (a light bulb pops up in my head). Why not create a little magnetic note pad out of the list? I had a blast putting this together. Here is a simple idea and some instructions on how to make your own magnetic Grocery List:



  • printed up sheets of the Grocery List PDF (I printed up 10 sheets, to have 20 total lists when done)
  • hard cardboard
  • glue or some type of adhesive
  • magnets
  • paper cutter and/or scissors
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon



1. Cut the printed off lists in half, giving you two from each sheet. The new list should be 4.25” x 11”

2. Cut your cardboard down to either the same size as your lists or just slightly bigger. This will provide a nice solid place to attach your list to on the front and a magnet on the back.

3. Next punch 1-2 holes in both the lists and the cardboard. Make sure that the holes line up!

4. Cut enough ribbon to tie the lists to the cardboard.

5. Adhere the magnet on the back of the cardboard.

Note: Make sure to use a big enough magnet or multiple magnets to be able to hold up the pad. My first attempt, shown here, was not strong enough and I had to cut out a new piece of magnet.


I am working on getting together another share for some recipe cards that are in the works. I seem to have gotten a little ahead of myself with the Grocery List first. So stay tuned to keep getting your kitchen organized!

About Bree

Bree is the founder and writer of, a recipe site that shares her love of cooking, baking, and entertaining with others. launched in February of 2010 as a way to merge Bree’s love of photography with her love of food, and share both with friends and family. Currently, Bree lives in the suburbs of Washington DC with her husband and 3 children.

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  • Layla

    Thank you so much!

  • Helen

    I am having trouble printing your grocery list, any suggestions? It just comes out blank Great Idea

    • Bree

      I am emailing you a copy, but when I downloaded it, it worked just fine.

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  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing! I loved this so much, I featured it in my latest blog post:

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  • Nina

    great idea. I\’m going to modify it further I think. I\’ve been working on creating a menu for the week, I really need breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks planned out or I grab bad choices. but then when I write the menu its a pain to write up my grocery list and try to remember which item goes with which recipe. so I might modify it by recipe. but it is nice to have it organized too as I walk through the endless aisles trying to get everything. thanks for this. one of my favorite blogs just made up recipe cards that I have to start using. hers are so cute…you\’re all so talented.

  • Organizingguru

    Super cute! What a great way to display a grocery list. This would be a fun project to do with my 4 year old.

  • Jessica Cudzilo

    I absolutely LOVE this! Brilliant idea.

  • AmyC

    Cute! Thanks!

  • Leslie

    Love it! I’ll be using this for sure!

  • stacey woods

    oh i love! my husband does the bulk of our shopping and currently our lists are scratched out on various sticky notes or loose scraps of paper, and written in no sort of order at all! he will think i’m so considerate if i start using these from now on :) major brownie points – lol! thank you for the share, and the diy!

  • Angie

    Thanks Rachel, these are great!

  • Rachel

    I am so glad you all like them! I had a blast making them! I just love lists period :)

  • aileen

    this is great! thanks!

  • Marci@OvercomingBusy

    What a great idea! I love these printables and I love magnetic lists!

  • Tammy

    I love this! My husband can’t stand the way I write my grocery list because I don’t have it in any kind of order so it makes it more difficult & I end up running throught the store & then realize something I needed is on the complete other side of the store. Anyway, I love how organized this list is & can’t wait to try it out! BTW, I have the same bread box, I noticed it on top of your fridge. =0) Thanks for the download!

  • kelly mcmahon willette

    this is just awesome!!!!