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The New Yellow Tablet

I am a list maker by nature.  I love all kinds of lists.  I have piles (which are really sort of abstractly lists in themselves, aren’t they?) of lists.  The bookmark folder on my MacBook betrays me, showing my tendency to hoard digital information.  I wonder if I share the same fear of loss that hoarders face?

When I write things down, I love to look at the inner workings of my brain.  I love to see the storm it creates, the chaos calmed into a single file line.  The checks create balance.  The lines crossed off denote significant work.

My mind longs for order to reign.  My husband longs for the piles to be banished.  My self just.won’t.let.go of the stored information.  So, in the past several months I have transitioned my list-making, brain-storming, life-planning, house-managing from analog to digital.  That way, we’re all happy.  Peace of mind, peace in relationship, and I get to relish in all the information I please.

My favorite tools for digital life management are as follows.

  • Evernote The ultimate in list making and filing amazing-ness.  This will keep detailed lists including pictures, urls, voice notes, etc.  I use this to brainstorm projects, blog posts, and even questions I have that I want to research further.  I use this as my “catch-all”, kind of like a digital Moleskine so that I don’t have ideas rattling around in my head.
  • TeuxDeux This is a simple and graphic To-Do list that allows you to drag and drop, delete, and cross off.  I use this daily to keep track of my tasks.
  • Simplify your blog reading life by using a RSS Feed Reader such as Bloglines, Bloglovin, or GoogleReader.

Do you have favorite online or digital methods of organizing your life?  I am always up for new ways to quell the clutter in my brain and on my kitchen counter (my landing spot of choice for scratch paper!).  Do share your favorite apps, sites, or other methods!

Hayley was born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, and though they lived a magical 4 year stint in Charlotte, NC, Hayley has found herself again in the Hoosier State. She and her husband have three boys who are learning to how to be good men (in the midst of all the wrestling and dirt). She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure. Follow her adventures at Tiny Twig Goes Out on a Limb and on Twitter.
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About Hayley

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has very recently moved back to the Hoosier State. She and her husband have two preschool aged little boys, 23 months apart. They are mistaken for twins all the time, which she think adds to the charm of having two crazy boys! She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure, and is slowly realizing the two coincide more often than she thinks. Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig.

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  • Hannah

    Oh thank you for mentioning TeuxDeux- I have been looking for something like that!
    I must say I still love my pen & paper, and would be lost without my Moleskine weekly planner.

  • The Prairie Hen

    Dear Lister,
    I’ll make a note of your ideas! 😉

    Actually sometime ago I started a list-list so I can keep track of what kind of info I’m putting where!

    Perpetual Cross-offs in NE

  • Alie

    Thanks for this! I joined TeuxDeux thanks to you and absolutely LOVE it!

  • tiny twig/hayley

    oh! i will have to try springpad. also, pinterest is quickly replacing my incredibly disorganized and incredibly overstuffed bookmark list. email me at thetinytwig (at) if you want an invite!

  • stacy

    “My mind longs for order to reign. My husband longs for the piles to be banished.”

    Have you been spying on my household?! We’ve argued about my piles for the last 10 years! I just loaded Color Notes on my phone… maybe it will help?!

  • Nicole

    For all the android people out there, Color Notes is an amazing app that allows you to put sticky notes on your phone. Sounds a lot like Teux Deux.

  • Heather

    I love Spring Pad, as well…I love that it is lots of things: you can do to-do lists, “pin” websites that might be pertinent to something I am working on…Plus, my Nook Color has the app on it so, it is with me wherever I go!

  • Bree

    Hayley – you and I are cut from the same cloth. I love a list and Evernote is my favorite invention ever.

  • Amarie

    I think Springpad is pretty neat!