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Valentine Kisses

Every year, a tricky little Valentine Fairy comes to our house.  She leaves a note and kisses all over the house for my children to find.  She writes a note and assigns each child a color and tells them how many kisses they are looking for.  Then off they go, finding kisses all over the house.  Since Hershey’s Kisses are little, sometimes this can take awhile.  The fairy really likes to make it a challenge.

Sometimes I think that my little traditions are silly and that my children do not even remember the things that we do for holidays.  In all honesty, I had forgotten about this little game, but my daughter asked me a few days ago if the fairy was going to leave her kisses.  It reminded me that they will take these little traditions with them and maybe do them with their own children.  And that makes it all worthwhile.

valentines day gamesHappy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Creative Mama.  We hope that it is filled with love and happiness.

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  • Sarah

    So cute!! I’m doing this next year!!

  • Bree

    thank you everyone. this is a fun little tradition that we all love. thank you for the kind words about this space. we love it and hope that you do too.

    happy valentines day.

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  • Christal

    I’m totally stealing this, I love it!

  • darlene

    what great pictures…they tell a wonderful story of your special day.

  • Christine

    so cute. what a great idea.

  • Mara

    Love this idea! I am saving it and doing it next year. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen @ The Finer Things

    What a sweet game! Definitely something for your kids to carry on :)

  • Katie Schomberg

    I am loving this site!!! Just finding it last week…so beautiful…thanks for sharing:) Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  • Susann Saarel

    Beautiful idea! SO doing this next year even though my twins will be 12 by then. LOVE how you include new toothbrushes too. The Valentine Fairy thinks of everything!

  • Diem

    Bree, what a sweet tradition – not silly at all.

  • melissa

    What a fun idea and such a great tradition to have with your family. Great memories are usually made from the little things.

  • pam

    Totally borrowing this idea – LOVE it!

  • Leah

    Another cute idea!!! I love this!