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Weekend Links: March 31 Edition

Start your Saturday morning off right with lots of link love, TCM-Style!

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Central Florida for at least two months, and the forecast is calling for mid-80s next week as well.  What I wouldn’t give for a bowl of yummy ice cream most afternoons.  This local shop, pictured above, has been in business for ages, and there is always a line wrapping around the sidewalk in the spring and summer.  If you’re in the Tampa Bay area over Spring Break, you should stop in!  They even have an old Punch-Out arcade game inside.  My husband always tries to match his old high score, while the kids and I just gobble up our ice cream.  Priorities, people!

This book makes me want to shoot film more often.  And by often, I mean all the time.

Ahh the Facebook Timeline… you either love it or hate it, right?  Have you updated your FB Fan Page and your personal page yet?  Jane Johnson gives some insightful tips on customizing your FB business page on her (beautiful) blog.

I’ve been doing a little iPad case shopping this week.  I actually have a DODOcase (I love that it looks like my beloved Moleskine notebooks), but my daughter dropped my iPad on our hardwood floor as she was bringing it to me one afternoon.  My heart sank as I imagined my brand new toy business tool shattered and destroyed.  Thankfully, I didn’t have any reason to worry.  Even though the fall chipped the corner of the case’s bamboo tray, the iPad itself remained in perfect condition!  My beautiful case certainly did its job.  The folks over at DODOcase just launched a new line exclusively for J. Crew, and you can find those beauties here.  Our own Bree uses this lovely case, and I love how it stands up so nicely.  The Bookbook looks amazing as well.  And I really want one of these for the kitchen… Bree would likely agree, wouldn’t she?  Oh the choices!  Do you have a favorite?

Are you looking for a more natural alternative to tint your kids’ Easter eggs this year?  I can’t wait to do this with our kiddos.  Only one more week until Easter!

Oh how I love these Easter and Springtime decorating ideas.  So fresh and bright.

Emily has beautiful Easter table settings to inspire us, of course.  Do you subscribe to JDC monthly?  I do, and I love it!  She has such great style.

This darling necklace would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think?  It would be a great idea for grandmas too.

I found out that Parker’s tooth fairy is named “Fuss Goblinleaf”.  Adorable.  And here I thought they were all named “Toothetina“, like the Pinkalicious books that Lila loves so much.

This timely phrase was delivered to my inbox this week, and it’s so true.  As women, we seem to innately find ways to connect to each other, to empathize and encourage.  I’m so thankful for all the women who’ve both cried with me and lifted me up in recent months.

Lila has been begging me for a nightgown the past couple of weeks, and this tutorial entices me to believe that I can actually sew one for her.

I’ve been making baby food for Charlotte this month, and I had no idea how easy it really was!  This book was so informative, as was this fantastic post from Shawna.  My Vitamix is getting a workout grinding oats and brown rice, and pureeing fruits and veggies.  Maybe I can sneak some of the purees into my picky kid’s meals while I’m at it.  Sigh.  Yes.  It’s finally come to that.

Speaking of feeding, I’m feeding my obsession with all things white and lovely, via my Pinterest board.

Such eye candy for me.  Swoon.


Enjoy.  Have a creative weekend, mamas!

About Stacey Woods

Stacey Woods is an on-location, natural light lifestyle photographer for the Tampa Bay, FL area. Her favorite subjects are expecting mamas, the tiniest of babies, and children of all ages. She believes that the small moments are really the biggest ones, that photographs are legacies that we leave to our children, and that authentic love is beautiful. Her online photo journal can be found here.

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  • Violet

    Is that the Old Farmer’s Creamery around the corner from Great Explorations? We had yummy ICE cream there the last time we visited. (I grew up in Port Richey but now live in Denmark.)

    • Stacey Holbrook Woods

      Violet, yes it sure is! 4th Street in St. Petersburg. My kids call it The Big Red Barn. My husband took them there today, after their lunch date at El Cap across the street. Did you ever eat there?

      • Violet

        No, we have eaten there. We’ll be back again for the month of July and will probably get an annual pass to Great Explorations since the kids love the mini-Publix and pizzeria so much. I’m sure we’ll be there once a week. The kids will have to try to burgers since I’m a vegetarian. :)

  • Hannah Mayo

    This is such a great list Stacey. Love the FIND Guide! And those iPad cases look gorgeous– now I just need an iPad to get one for 😉 I started using natural ingredients to tint eggs last year, and it was so much fun- I’m sure it will be even better now that my boy is a little older.

    • Stacey Holbrook Woods

      Thanks Hannah! I do have the FIND Guide e-book already, but have the hardcover in my Amazon cart. 😉 Oh I bet your son will love the eggs again this year. As long as it’s even slightly messy, my kids will love it, lol.