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Weekend Links: May 11 Edition

It might only be May, but here out west things are already starting to look a lot like summer. We’ve been exploring outside and by default the kids are in great moods and the house is cleaner. Double score. The other day, I took the kids to the lake nearby to feed the ducks our old bread and we were surprised to be greeted by a friendly turtle. The kids sat there for a good five minutes waiting for him to poke his head back up. I took this shot before we continued on our expedition; spending a good part of the afternoon circling the lake in search of him.

-We’ve also been playing car wash over and over again which was inspired by this post. Instead of playing in the bathtub, the kids and I took two big buckets filled with warm soapy water, toothbrushes and the Hot Wheels collection outside to the backyard. They were out their for hours; I kid you not.  They are fascinated by anything to do with playing in the water including run off in the neighbor’s gutters so I’m sure we will be giving this rainbow colored river a go as well.

-Do you have a little one in a a booster seat and you’re still buckling them in? I just ordered one of these for Jack- he loves being able to fasten his own seat belt and now I only have to worry about buckling the other two. Yes, I have THREE car seats. Trust me on this, I’m practically a certified expert.

-Quite possibly, the most perfect cookie for warm weather months. I’ve made these babies four times after discovering the recipe- including a gluten free version using this flour for my little brother who has celiac disease. This one is a crowd pleaser folks.

-Im obsessing over this gorgeous sequined camera strap. Well whataya know? Sunday is Mother’s Day!

-Every year I plant tomatoes and every year something goes wrong with them. I’m hoping this article will save me from heartache. I really need good tomatoes in my life this summer.

-Where I live, its already warm by breakfast time and my go-to hot oatmeal just doesn’t sound as good these days. This recipe from Alison as well as this one have thankfully reinvented breakfast for me during the heat.

-These acrylic green and coral tumblers from Target’s The Shops put me right in the mood for summertime’s lemonade in the backyard. They are out of stock online but Ive seen them all over the stores.

-Speaking of lemonade…Basil Lemonade? Trust me on this- so, so, so refreshing. Definitely my new favorite summer refreshment!

-So have you been on Spoonflower yet? I spent hours on this site while I was working on Violet’s nursery a while back. Im breaking out the sewing machine again and onto a new project to commemorate the kids’ birthdays using this Star Wars fabric for Jack and this mermaid one for Ru.

-Whoopsie daisy…you forgot to grab a Mother’s Day card and you don’t want to fight over the three mediocre ones that are left at your nearest store? Print this one or that one on a nice thick card stock and you’re good as gold.

– A great quote from a fantastic article that reminds us of our bond as mothers this Mother’s Day. “Despite all of our differences as women, moms have one thing in common: we are all warriors for our children in so many ways. And our stories bind us.” So very true.

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Shannon Harrison is a modern freestyle portrait and wedding photographer living near San Diego, California with her best friend/husband and 3 wild wee ones by her side. When shes not hanging with her clients from JACKANDRUBYstudios, you will find this homebody in the kitchen baking something drizzled with caramel or perusing the aisles of Target. Known to pull out her beloved Nikon at the local grocery store or a family bike ride, Shannon finds inspiration just about anywhere. She encourages photographers and hobbyists alike to focus on personal projects and their families to drive creativity. After all, no one can see your family the way you do.

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  • Sarah Komers

    Love the tip on the car seat I’m over the buckle up issues these days…so ordering one for a certain someones big FIVE this month :)

  • Catherine V

    What a wonderful article about the bonds of motherhood!

    I love Spoonflower — amazing fabrics. I made a few pillows for my daughter’s nursery from some interesting Spoonflower fabrics.