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We’re Expecting.

No, no. Not I – the BLOG is expecting. Such exciting big news I have to share with you and I’m just bursting at the seams!

November 1, The Creative Mama will give birth to a very necessary addition – a creative partner. That’s right, though we have an amazing group of collaborators, the blog has been in dire need of another set of arms to love and hug her, to fuel her fire, to come in and literally be another Angie. Well okay not literally : )

When I brought this to the girls, I let out a huge breath of air and knew that the right person would come to be. This was just the next step in the path to what The Creative Mama was meant to be. I’ve had such a peace about this that I’m literally giddy with excitement.

Nearly two years ago I came in contact with the sweet and amazing Stacey Woods. Immediately we connected and I have often wondered if she and I were long lost sisters. It’s almost eery how kindred our spirits are. With everything there is a season, and the timing couldn’t have been better to bring our souls in line for what is to come. In just under a week, she will join me in running this amazing community.

Her heart is so full and her creative spirit amazing. I am absolutely thrilled to walk hand in hand with her into the future. So many wonderful things are in the works, I wish I could share them all with you today – but in due time.

For now, please warmly welcome Stacey and be sure to head over to her photography website. Plan to hang out a bit, you’ll be hooked.

Stace, thank you for taking this on with me. Can’t wait! xoxo

About Bree

Bree is the founder and writer of, a recipe site that shares her love of cooking, baking, and entertaining with others. launched in February of 2010 as a way to merge Bree’s love of photography with her love of food, and share both with friends and family. Currently, Bree lives in the suburbs of Washington DC with her husband and 3 children.

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  • Allison Hoffman

    Stacey you are an amazing artisan with both photography and words!! what a great union!! I can’t wait to see what comes from this!! only great things I’m sure!!

  • Amy Parsons

    a perfect team! So happy for you Stacey…xoxo

  • Kristie

    Thrilled for you both!! Stace, I am giddy for you–this is so perfect for you and your amazing spirit!! Can’t wait!!

  • Tracy Larsen

    this is so exciting! can’t wait to see what is next… :)

  • The Rancher’s Wife Kate

    Can’t wait. I love Stacey’s work…and it always inspires me. This will be so neat!!! HOORAY

  • Tiffany

    I’m thrilled for you guys and am looking forward to what is next for The Creative Mama!

  • Angel Jones

    You have made a WONDERFUL choice. In every brief crossings I have had with Stacey in her quick trips through North Carolina to visit with her husband’s family, she is a true delight. A beautiful soul, a loving mama and sheer genius with light and a lens! I look forward to seeing her work on her personal blog and can’t wait to see what she shares on Creative Mama. I only fantasize about doing the photography and writing that she does. I’ll live vacariously through the blogs and attempt to take her inspiring work into my life. Blessings Stacey.

  • Tammy

    I’m SO excited! I love Stacey & was so glad to discover her here at TCM. I can’t wait to see what is to come. This has been my morning coffee blog stop since discovering you in July 09′ & I’m really excited for you. Thanks for all you do! I love the variety of inspiration I gain from this blog. It’s just awesome!

  • Mindy

    Lovely – welcome Stacey!

  • deb schwedhelm

    woot woot. love you both.

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