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Your Go-To Bag, revisited.


I originally posted about having a Go-To Bag back in the very beginning stages of this blog. I wanted to follow up on it and perhaps revisit the idea for those of you who are new ’round these parts.

With summer just around the corner, it is imperative that you have some sort of Go-To Bag in your car. Not only is it good to have it, but to keep it updated as well. Just recently I was doing a clean sweep of our SUV and realized it has been nearly 5 months since I’ve re-stocked our Go-To Bag/Compartment and with the new season approaching and a growing baby this was a must.

The beauty of the bag, is to have items on hand that you’ll need to use. Therefore, don’t feel guilty for busting out a fruit snack for your little one, or if you take 2 Tylenol for a headache. Simply make a mental note (or an actual one) to replace it. Often times I’m so hurried that I forget, so having it on my calendar as a to-do is a great reminder.

As mentioned above, with the warmer weather rolling in, having a good supply of bottled water, sunblock, and hats for the kids is a great set of supplies.  Just yesterday we had an owie incident with our oldest far from home, and although he was very much against me touching his “wound”, I’m glad I was armed and ready for it. Just be sure that in case of emergency, you are prepared.

Click HERE to view my original article on the Go-To Bag and be sure that yours is re-stocked and ready.

What sorts of items do you keep on hand in your car this time of year?

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  • Marci@OvercomingBusy

    I’m not sure how I missed this post before! Your first post on this subject with the list is so good!! I’ve been reading the car organizing posts at I’m An Organizing Junkie all month. Its time for me to get moving on that. We really need it! I’ll be using your lists for stuff I want to put back in the car after I clean it out!

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  • Mandi

    You read my mind – this is my question of the day post on Thursday!!

  • theadora

    I love the Go to Bag! I usually keep the following in my car this time of year: sunblock, beach towels, change of clothes for me and the kids, wipes and a mini first aid kit. Now I have the time this summer to make an actual “bag!” Love the ideas!

  • nikky

    Since I was living in a hurricane “zone” for the past three years before coming home, I have a BOX well okay it’s more of a rubbermaid rough tote. And since Jr came to be, I have found that I keep a smaller bag w/in the diaper bag that has band aids, childrens motrin (and mommy motrin too) pretty much everything I think I could need. The band-aids are paticularly handy since our little guys (well Jr atleast) is getting ready to walk, means some scraped knees and toes!!

  • Allegra

    I really need to pull something like this together — thanks for reminding me! :)

  • Rana

    Thanks for the reminder I need to pull out ours and restock things. Ours has things like heavy socks, and hoodies (we live in Michigan)from my winter pack. It’s time to change it up for the summer.

  • angie

    Kika, an extra blanket is a wonderful idea! We have an extra baby blanket, but a bigger one for *all* of us is even better. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kika

    In summer we keep a wool blanket in the van (impromptu picnics/soccer games); extra water, jackets for younger girls -sunscreen & bugspray in the hottest season and snacks sometimes. I don’t buy packaged cookies, granola bars, etc. anymore so it is harder to keep non-perishable snacks in the van. We keep a small package of wipes and usually have a soccer ball in the back too – not an emergency item, I know, but does get used. Like Kirwin, I always have a mini-emergency sac within my bag (purse) that carries bandaids, etc.

  • Casey

    this is a fantastic idea! Maybe I’ll sew up a new bag to put everything into

  • angie

    Glad you are all finding this helpful, and happy to hear you’re incorporating the idea in your own ways!

    Jamie, I suppose our big guy inherited both my husband and my wavy, semi “messy” hair! We didn’t do a thing except NOT cut it :) He decided last year he wanted it long and voila… a year later it looked like that. We miss it a bit, but he’ll be much happier this summer 😉

    Kirwin, I’m right there with you… our stroller practically has its own bag of sorts. Seems you can never be too prepared LOL. Also, I had no idea about sunblock expiring… thanks for the tip! :)

  • kirwin @ Graceful Creative

    I actually keep a mini go-to bag within my purse. It includes things like quarters, bandaids, neo to to (spray on neosporin), tampons!, travel-wipes, aspirin, a good pen…I think that’s it.

    In the summer, we do so much walking in the I H Trail, that certain things just stay in the under-carriage of the jogging stroller: a box of snacks, wipes, bandaids, neo to go, sunblock,…

    BTW, did you know that sunblock “expires” after a year? Actually, maybe I should check my sources but that’s what I heard.

  • jamie

    ps….i so loved your little one’s new hair! i showed my husband (who i’m sure was rolling his eyeballs) and said LOOK HOW DIFFERENT HE LOOKS WITH HIS HAIR CUT! funny thing is, i was just going to ask you how you got his hair to grow out. you know, us girls have to pin our growing out stage with barretts or bobby pins. what do you do when a boy grow his hair out. i would love to have that style for zach. and lastly, where do you live? fyi *shrugs*, i live in michigan. about 30 minutes from *the big house* aka university of michigan football stadium in ann arbor, michigan.

  • jamie

    love this idea! we have a first aid kit in our car and it’s kind of annoying because it just is sort of in the way. however, we have a compartment in our mountaineer and you reminded me of it! i never think of it. and now my mind is whirling with ideas! thanks angie. have a fabulous tuesday. today is zach’s last day of young 5s. and my last day at the library all by myself. i’m feeling kind of emotional today! another life change! much love…

  • Chele

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! I run around like a maniac when we are getting ready to go somewhere (for example, the beach or someone’s house for a cookout!) Thank you! I know what I am doing today!!! :) Now to find a bag or container to keep it in!!!