Closet Storage

organized closet storageFinding enough closet space for your entire wardrobe is always a struggle. Whether you are a practical shopper or a veritable fashionista, making sure you have enough space for your clothes, as well as anything else you need to store in your closet, is essential to making sure you don’t have a wrinkled mess on your hands. Closets are perfect for storing clothes, blankets, and items from all around your home that need a convenient tuck away spot out of sight and out of the way. While most closets come equipped with a rod for hanging hangers or a shelf for storing items, sometimes you need a helping hand to keep your home organized. That’s where additional closet storage comes into play.

Additional closet storage comes in a whole range of style and types, from hanging storage meant to help you get the most out of your hangers, to vertical organizers like shoe cubbies meant to ensure you never waste your morning digging for your left shoe ever again. Closet storage can also include standing shelving and vacuum bags, as well as other more specialized storage devices meant to help take your closet organization to the next level. Much like any for any category, there is a wide range of options for closet storage, meaning you should do some research to find what would work best for you. That being said, here are some of the most common forms of closet storage, as well as how they can help take your closet from a fashion disaster to the runway.

Hanging Storage

Nothing helps keep your clothes from turning into a giant pile better than hangers, but sometimes your closet isn’t able to contain your entire wardrobe using traditional hangers alone. That’s where additional storage hangers come into play. Much like a well-layered outfit, multi-storage hangers allow you to store entire outfits in one location, so you don’t have to sift through a whole catalog of clothes to find what you’re looking for. Other forms of hanging storage include storage bags (for fancier outfits and dresses that need an additional measure of TLC), as well as shoe cubbies and scarf storage. Over the door storage can also add a whole new dimension to your closet space, allowing you to use the back of your door to store anything from jewelry to mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies.

Shelves and Organizers

Another common form of closet organization is shelving and organizers. Closet shelving is made to fit comfortably in a confined area, and as such comes in a wide range of styles, sizes, and builds. Whether you are looking for a trim shelf set-up to hold your sheets or a taller shelving unit to organize your purse collection, closet shelving can help you make an additional surface area in any closet. Many types of closet organizers also include individual pull-out drawers, so you can tuck some of your less-easily organized items away, like your socks or additional jewelry. By making sure these items are organized and safely tucked away, you can help keep your closet from feeling overly cluttered. These closet storage options also work well in other closets throughout your home, including in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, as they can be a once-size-fits-all organizer no matter what you are looking to store. And many forms of closet organization are meant to fit in a small space, so you can take advantage of the additional room without feeling claustrophobic.

Bulk Storage

When sweater weather has come and gone and it’s time to put away those comfortable but sweltering sweaters before the summer weather sets in, it’s time to invest in bulk storage. While everyone wishes they had a walk-in closet where they could store extra clothing, blankets, and anything else that they would rather not have lying about our homes, there comes a time when you need to store something out of sight and out of mind for a long amount of time. This is where bulk storage comes in. Vacuum bags are a good example of long-term storage since they can compress and store bulky and unwieldy clothes and household items, such as pillows, blankets, and winter coats. Most vacuum bags compress down, so they can be stored away without too much hassle, and most storage bags are water and grime proof, so you don’t have to worry about fighting with mothballs or other forms of long-term storage protection. They are also made to work with almost any vacuum cleaner. If storage bags seem like too much of a hassle, there is always the age-old solution of storage bins. Storage bins come in almost as many styles of shoes do and are a great option for long-term storage. Storage bins are also perfect for moving large quantities of items without worrying about fighting with cardboard boxes and tape. And since they come in all shapes and sizes, they can be used in almost any situation, no matter what you’re looking to store.

Here is a great YouTube video outlining more closet storage ideas:

Whether you’re looking to display your winter scarf collection or reorganize your linen closet, closet storage can help take some of the hassle and clutter out of your home.

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