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on the day i was born

I had been deliberating for WEEKS about what to get my boys for ‘big brother’ gifts when their new brother or sister finally arrived, and let’s face it {glances at ever-expanding baby bump}, time was not on my side. But I had nothing. No toys. No books. Not even one itty-bitty, teeny-wienie idea. Nothing, nada, zip, to show for my weeks of deliberation…deliberation that went something like this {pushes cart aimlessly through endless rows of toy aisles at Target} : cars? Let’s see that would put us at approximately 1,021,374 cars in our house. No, no cars. Play-doh? No, no, homemade play-doh is WAY better than this store bought stuff. Nerf guns? Those could be fun! A good idea with a new baby in the house? Not so much….

And besides, I wanted something extra special. Something that when they opened it not only did they FEEL the love, they could SEE the love. And then an idea came to me in one of those glorious ‘aha’ light bulb moments that make you do the happy dance like nobody’s watching! I had it. I would make each of them their own special book, and in that book combine all the details of their own birth story, complete with pictures, and fun verbiage to tell it. Boom-baby! And I got to work.

Deciding where to begin was the hardest part, but then I figured, why not start the beginning…{wait for it}…at the beginning? Genius, I know.






The majority of the book is about them, celebrating their birth, their story…








But the end celebrates their future induction into the big {and biggest, big} brother hall of fame…






I had the boys open them a few days before our little bundle was due to arrive, giving them time to enjoy the memories of their own birth and at the same time preparing them to welcome the newest member of our family.

Reactions? My oldest son, LOVED his book. The same cannot be said for my littlest man. He wanted a new present…one with wheels. {Note to self : do not, under ANY circumstances, give presents to boys who have just woken up from their nap. Period.} After his initial disappointment, I later found him cuddled up with his blankie and bla-bla {his lovie} reading his new book. Melt me.

Their birth story books prepared them for the arrival of our newest baby by celebrating the day they were born, allowing them to see just how much they were loved, and are still loved, and giving them something to relate to as we welcomed their new sister into our lives…and the bonus? They also make a treasured keepsake for a sentimental mama like me!

Guest post by Stacey Worthington

Stacey’s blog

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beyond obvious things like the facts that i’m a stay at home mom, a photographer and a lover of all things random and creative, you might find me drinking mass quantities of coffee, running circles around my boys and baby girl, singing at the top of my lungs just because it makes me happy and frequently labeling myself a dork…because i am one! i love life and all things it encompasses and work daily to focus on gratitude and stamp it on the hearts of my children…after all, a thankful life is a happy one!

**Please head on over to Stacey’s Blog to purchase the On the Day I was Born Template. The Creative Mama does not offer this product here, so please refer questions about the product to Stacey.**

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  • Diane Harris

    I would like to purchase the template for this book. my grandaughter will be a big sister in July.

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  • Reiziger

    This link is working:

  • Arlene

    Here are the links:
    On the Day I Was Born –
    Adoption version –
    Hope it works for you.

  • Tracy

    I would like to purchase this template but the link isn’t working…. Please help!

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  • Anita Newton

    I love this template and would dearly love to do it for my first grandchild born a little over a week ago, but the weblink appears to be broken. Any ideas on how I can get hold of it?

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  • Linda

    Hi….I love your book idea! Where can I purchase this template?

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  • JAmie D

    What a great design! Very beautiful! I made digital baby books for my boy’s. And they love them. My youngest is constantly looking at his and ask us to read it to him. Great gift!

  • Bing

    Oh my!!! I so love this idea!!!!

  • rsf

    awesome book! have you made the template yet?

  • Joy

    I love this Idea how do I go about buying the template??

  • Lsonnenfelt

    what site did you use to make the books?!

  • Debi Clark

    I want to cry this is so beautiful and awesome. Awesome. I’m going to do this. Thank you!

  • Stacey

    Fantastic idea. If I’m blessed enough to have a second baby some day, then I will do this for him/her.

  • stacey worthington

    i’m happy to tell you the template for this book is now available for purchase {woot!} a HUGE thank you to the creative mama for lighting the fire by sharing my post! you can find it here :

  • Sheena

    I just love this Idea!! A template for purchase would be wonderful because this is definitely something that I would love to do for my daughter when she becomes a big sister!! Thank you so much for sharing such an extraordinary idea, it brought tears to my eyes when I read about your youngest son. Definitely a melt me moment for sure!!

  • Janice

    Saw this via Modern Parents Messy Kids weekend look book and immediately clicked on it. Simply beautiful! Toys are forgotten, this will be a keepsake forever. What a wonderful gift to your children. I would consider purchasing a template as well and will be pinning this to my boards.

  • F Tamara

    Where did you print this book?

  • Juliann Munson

    I am so excited for the template! This is absolutely amazing! Love it. What a wonderful present.

    • F Tamara

      Juliann- is there a template??

  • Shachi Thakkar

    totally stealing this idea…..would buy the template!

  • Joyelle Brandt

    These books are beautiful! I would love to do the same thing for my son. Where did you get them printed?

  • stacey worthington

    working diligently on setting up a template for purchase! feeling blessed with all the interest! xoxo

    • Mama.Giraffe

      Yay! I can’t Wait to get the template! I’m due in 3 and a half months and this will be perfect for my 5 year old!!

    • Annabella


    • Natalie Elsberry

      Any idea on the timeframe for the template? Will it be thru Blurb also?

  • Two Infinity & Beyond

    Such a great idea! Kids love to read and certainly learn about how they were born. I’d love to make/have one for my niece for her birthday!

  • Dalton + Kerry

    I agree with all of the other comments! I am sure your little boys loved it! I know I do.I would also be interested in how you made it or if you are selling the template! So creative! xo

  • Audrey – This Little Street

    Such a lovely idea, you should DEFINITELY sell a template for it!! It’s awesome!

  • Erica_blakley

    OMG…I love this idea!!! You should sell a template!

  • Lanae Brown

    Those books are awesome Stacey. You could totally sell those! Have people email you their pictures, fill out a survey, then you design the book and have it sent to them! (like you don’t have enough to do already right?)

  • stacey worthington

    awe, thanks you guys! it was such a fun project, my boys still get their books out and look at them! there are a few more spreads that i didn’t have room to include in this post. spreads that include things like : what i craved when i was prego with them, pics of my belly expanding, them growing bigger etc. i hadn’t thought about selling the template, but it’s definitely possible…if you’re interested {i’m honored!}, go ahead and shoot me an email at : and we’ll chat! the books themselves were printed at blurb {8×8}, a company i’m in love with! thank you for all the positive comments! xoxo, stacey

    • Vicki

      Stacey love your ideal..I’m very interested in one for our grandson tha will be gradudating next month, can one be made with that in mind? Plus what is the cost?
      Vicki R

  • Veronica Lantigua Armstrong

    What a beautiful and creative idea. Love this post.

  • Shondra Walker

    What a fantastic idea!

    I’d also love to know the company who did the printing. Thanks!

  • Lori K

    I love this idea, and I’m not even expecting!!! I’m in agreement with some other commenters, I’d love to know how to get a hold of these templates, if they are available!! :)

  • cindy

    I love these books! Will you sell the template?

    • Jen

      Good question Cindy – I would love to buy the template if it were for sale!

    • Kelly

      I would also buy one!!! This is amazing!!

  • Tina

    Such a fabulous idea! Love the photos, typography and vibrant colors!

  • Jen

    Stacey – this is a fantastic idea! I’m expecting our 2nd in just a few months and I think this would be perfect to give to our 1st. I also would like to know more about the company you used and which album of theirs you picked. Also, if you designed them yourself, where did you find your font?

  • Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

    I love this! I’m getting ready to have my first child and would love to do something similar to this as his/her baby book. What company did you use to create it? Thanks in advance!